Singapore Among the Best Cities in the World 2021

Best cities in the world 2021
Resonance Consultancy’s World Best Cities Report of 2021.

Singapore ranked seventh in the “2021 World’s Best Cities” report recently released, and its ranking remains unchanged from last year. London, UK, topped the list for the fifth consecutive year.

This annual selection activity, conducted by the international consulting company Resonance Consultancy, is mainly based on 25 indicators in six categories to evaluate 100 metropolises with a population of more than one million.

Resonance Consultancy

Resonance Consultancy

Moreover, the six categories include natural and built environments, tourist attractions and infrastructure, population diversity and education levels, living standards and economic development, nightlife and dining and shopping experiences, as well as comments and recommendations on social media.

This year, three new indicators have also been added to assess the ability of each city to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, namely the unemployment rate, the Gini Coefficient, which is used to measure the national income gap, and the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 per million population.

Among them, Singapore ranks third in the world in terms of public security, and its per capita GDP ranks fifth.

Best cities in the world 2021

The report described “Singapore is a rapidly emerging Asian financial power, and its ambitions have shifted to upgrading infrastructure and local innovation”, and pointed out that in the past 50 years, few cities have achieved great success as quickly as Singapore.

The report also mentioned that the government is committed to turning Singapore into a global R&D hub. In addition to paying attention to the development of medicine and technology, it also attaches great importance to human capital.

Although Singapore ranks 57th in terms of airport connectivity, the report highlights Changi as a “not-to-miss attraction”. Moreover, the dazzling array of brand-name boutiques, gardens, food and special landscapes are attractive to both Chinese and tourists.

Other Asian cities on the list include Tokyo (5th), Seoul (24th), Beijing (26th) and Bangkok (31st).

Cai Jian On October 30, 2020, Resonance Consultancy announced the world’s top 100 best performing cities through its annual world’s best cities report.

Resonance’s ranking of the best cities quantifies and measures the relative quality of major cities in the world in terms of location, reputation and competitive strength with urban populations of more than 1 million. In fact, its ranking of the best cities does not just look at cities as places to live, work, or travel, but uses a more comprehensive approach that incorporates a series of evaluation factors that are positively related to attracting employment, investment and/or tourists. Moreover, this includes everything from the number of dining facilities and museums, to the number of Fortune 500 companies and direct flights, and the number of mentions of each city on Instagram.

The world’s best cities in 2021 selected based on each city’s performance in the 25-factor analysis are:

  1.  London, United Kingdom
  2.  New York, USA
  3. Paris, France
  4. Moscow, Russia
  5. Tokyo, Japan
  6. Dubai, UAE
  7. Singapore, Republic of Singapore
  8. Barcelona, ​​Spain
  9. Los Angeles, USA
  10. Madrid, Spain


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