Shooting Attack in Vienna, Austria

A terrorist attack occurred near a synagogue in Vienna, the Austrian capital. This attack was killing 3 people and wounding 15 others.

A terrorist attack occurred near a synagogue in Vienna, the Austrian capital. This attack was killing 3 people and wounding 15 others.

Interior Ministry spokesman Soros

Interior Ministry spokesman Soros issued a statement to the Austrian News Agency that three people were killed in the terrorist attack in Vienna.

The Minister of the Interior Nehamel assessed the latest developments in the terrorist attacks at a press conference. He prayed for the 3 victims in the terrorist attack and 15 wounded including a security officer. The killed terrorists used long-barreled guns and carried fake explosive devices on their bodies. The attackers were supporters of the Daesh terrorist organization.

In addition, Nehamel once again reminded citizens, not to go out of their homes unless necessary. Citizens need to stay away from the tourist areas of Vienna, where the attack occurred. Besides, he also urged people not to send their children to school.

Moreover, the director of the Public Security Bureau Ruf said that the security personnel confirmed the location of the killed terrorist in Vienna and searched the home.

Vienna shooting attack

The Austrian Chancellor Kurz also issued a statement via his social media account that our police are unswerving fighting against this vile terrorist suspect.

Austrian Chancellor Kurz

Austrian Chancellor Kurz

Kurtz thanked the international community for the message of solidarity. He also expressed deep condolences to the relatives of the victims of the terrorist attack. Moreover, he wished the injured a speedy recovery.

On the other hand, the chairman of the Austrian Jewish community, Deutsch, issued a statement through his social media account that the synagogue in the area where the attack occurred was closed.

Chairman of the Austrian Jewish community, Detsch

Chairman of the Austrian Jewish community, Deutsch

Considering that there were as many as six locations, the police are conducting a large-scale search and strengthening surveillance of public areas. The killed suspect was armed with a submachine gun, wearing a forged bomb vest, and was a supporter of the terrorist extremist organization “Islamic State”. The police have investigated the suspect’s residence and surrounding houses and arrested several people. Nehammer asked all Vienna residents not to leave their residences for non-work needs or other important reasons. He himself also tries to avoid going to Vienna District 1.

Terrorist attacks in Vienna

Kurtz emphasized that this was undoubtedly a terrorist attack, and the suspect planned the attack with very professional methods. However, a spokesperson for the Austrian Ministry of Interior mentioned that it has not been possible to confirm whether the synagogue was a target of terrorist attacks.

Austrian Jewish leader Du Qi said that it is temporarily unknown whether the attack targeted the church and nearby offices.

Austrian Minister of the Interior Nehammer mentioned that the incident was “obviously a terrorist attack”. The police will continue to hunt down the gunmen.

Kurtz also reminded the public that they should pay attention to the latest security situation on Tuesday morning.


Emergency telephone number in Austria: Police 133, Emergency 144

Global Emergency Call Center for Consular Protection and Services of the Ministry of ForeEign Affairs Tel: 0086-10-12308

24-hour consular protection hotline of the Chinese Embassy in Austria: 0043-681-20192638

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