Seniors engaged in gaming to stay in contact with grandkids


According to a UK study, 20% of grandparents engaged in playing virtual games with grandchildren. It is a good way for them to maintain contact with their grandchildren during the lockdown period of COVID-19.

According to a British study by Robert Walters, some grandparents (one in five) believe playing virtual games can stay in touch with their grandchildren. The trend was seen in parents with age over 55. 40% of them said that they played online video games with their own children regularly during the lockdown as a way of maintaining a good relationship.

Apparently, the lockdown has boost video game sales remarkably this year. According to Telemedia Online, it has already increased by 218% compared to the same period last year. The Global Head of Player Support at Wildlife Studios, Thomas Shibley told Telemedia Online that COVID-19 has brought profound impact to the gaming sector. The incapability of accessing traditional methods to relieve stress has brought higher engagement in games to overcome social limitations.

Staying in touch with gaming

As much as 42% of British people aged between 55 and 64, and 27% of over 65 years old senior citizens have played video games in the last five years. They most often play logic, classic puzzle, card and tile games. During the lockdown period, 40% of gamers over 60 played strategy games. For example, seniors believed that chess, Sudoku and bridge can help them “to keep the brain in tip-top shape” while shielding from the virus.

For 40% of adults aged between 39 and 54, online games were a method to engage with their children during the lockdown. Meanwhile, a third of Millennials (25-38 and) say that they engaged in gaming during that time just to relax.

Moreover, 85% of people aged under 35 mentioned that they spend most of the time in gaming during the lockdown. This is same for 75% of 35-44 years-old adults.


The massive increase segmentation of gaming has clearly shown the growth of the industry. The senior manager technology at Robert Walters, Tom Chambers said that the number of people employed in the gaming sector could be tripled within the next five years.

Different demographics engaged with gaming at different stages in their life. Hence, the way in which people engaged with online gaming has become increasingly segmented.

All in all, there would be an abundance of unexplored growth potential amongst older people. This is because the proportion of people gaming above the age of 40 will increase as these Millennials mature.


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Seniors turn to gaming to stay in touch with grandkids


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