Second presidential election debate has been cancelled


The Commission on Presidential Debates announced on the 9th that the second presidential election debate originally scheduled to appear on the 15th was confirmed to be cancelled.

The committee preparing for the live broadcast of the debate among the presidential candidates issued a statement saying that the second presidential election debate originally scheduled to be held on October 15 has been cancelled due to Trump’s infection with the new crown virus.

The United States has now turned its attention to preparations for the final presidential debate on the 22nd.

According to CNN, the debate committee, Trump and the Biden camp announced the cancellation of the second presidential election debate on October 9th after 48 hours of intense communication.

What about a virtual debate?

The debate committee once proposed to use video for the second debate on health grounds, but Trump rejected it. In an interview with Fox Business, Trump said, “I will not participate in virtual debates.”

Trump and Biden

In addition, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien also called the online debate a “sad excuse” for helping Biden. Many Republican congressmen and politicians have also criticized the Gai Committee for favouring Democrats. Biden through Twitter, and is no longer neutral. Earlier, there were voices worried that Biden would suffer in the face of the Trump debate, and the first debate between the two was difficult to maintain due to on-site discipline, which surprised many people.

Furthermore, Trump said, “I won’t waste time participating in online debates. It loses the meaning of debate. Sitting at the computer to debate is ridiculous. They can interrupt you whenever they want.” Trump also criticized the debate committee for trying to protect Biden.

Trump and his campaign manager, Bill Stepien.

The Trump team had requested that the second and third debates be postponed to the 22nd and 29th. But the Biden team rejected it, believing that the debate arrangements should be decided by the Presidential Debate Committee.

Trump’s condition

Trump has quickly recovered, but the outside world is still very concerned about Trump’s health. White House doctor Sean. Conley announced to the outside world on the 8th that President Trump has completed his course of treatment for the new crown virus (CCV). His physical condition has been stable since returning to the White House on the 5th, and he can “safely return to the public from this Saturday.”

On the evening of the 8th, when he participated in a Fox TV program, Trump said that he felt good. He wanted to hold a campaign rally immediately. He looks forward to returning to campaign activities in the coming days. Including a campaign rally in Florida on Saturday and another rally in Pennsylvania on Sunday.

The day before, Trump posted a video on Twitter in which he said he had recovered. The CCP must pay the price for the CCP virus epidemic.

The third and final big debate (Trump and his rival Democratic presidential candidate Biden) will be held on October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.


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