Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Apple Watch 6

The Apple Watch 6 newly released in the ‘time flies’ event has been a blast to the world

The Apple Watch 6 newly released in the ‘time flies’ event has been a blast to the world, although the series is already holding the throne in the smartwatch business. However, is the Apple Watch 6 still an absolute go to?


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs. Apple Watch 6

As the gap between IOS and Android closes in, the differences seem to be unnoticeable. This comparison will show the main contrasts between the two biggest companies in the frontline of the business. In terms of prices, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Apple Watch 6 have a similar starting price in Malaysia, which is approximately RM 1,800.


Battery life and Pricing

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can last for 2 days fully charged, which is much more longer than the Apple Watch 6, relatively, 18 hours. In terms of watch size, both of the watches have two options, being Apple Watch smaller in both sizes than the Samsung Galaxy Watch.


Both watches do not vary much in the production quality, function and featurings. However, it is important to keep in mind that the Apple charges Rm500 at most for LTE, while Samsung charges halfway cheaper for the watch to work independently. If you would want for a cheaper version of the Apple Watch 3, it would be better to go for the SE version of the series.


In terms of design, the Apple Watch clearly has a more sleeker, futuristic look for an elegant style.

Design and Display

The modern appearances for the series has been purposely kept in line for six years, since the first debut of smartwatch in Apple. Samsung, Meanwhile, has a more manneristic vibe to it. It comes with a leather band which potrays a more traditional-like watch style.


Put it side by side, the overall appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 would be much bolder and more easier to start of with in terms of using and jumping between apps and navigate menus. The Apple Watch 6 would be more focused on the user comfort, in aid with the material used. Whether it is the solo loop band or the sport loop band, it gives a smoother wearing on the wrist without leaving any discomfort.


Both watches have an extraordinary touchscreen displays, the view quality is ensured even in direct sun. The comparison of resolution in both display screens do not vary too much. However, it might be interesting to know that the Apple Watch Display resolution is slightly higher than the Galaxy Watch 3’s display screen, each being (448 x 368) and (360 x 360).


Health and Fitness features

Both watches have share common features in health and fitness, both being approved by the FDA. Both being extremely rivaling in the business. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 heart health readings offer a potentially life-saving condition in emergencies. However, the Apple Watch can do so too for trip detection hence not being the gamethrower by this little comparison.


In terms of fitness, both the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Apple Watch 6 offer a variety of workout options. And they both have the automatic workout-tracking function for when the user forgets to select a workout program. They absolutely stand tall in the business, we would say, comparing to other tech businesses.


Who to choose?

It is obvious that the gap is closing, and in the end of the day. It’s not about who is better. It’s more about the personal preference and suitability- at this point. Looking vastly into the market, we would recommend that Apple users to go for the Apple Watch 6. Also Android users for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.


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