Sabah Election Results 2020


Sabah has changed! The voting process for the Sabah State election was successfully completed at 5 pm, 26th September 2020, all 741 polling centres were closed, and the ballot counting process was started immediately.

Chairman of the Election Committee Datuk Abdul Ghani Salleh revealed that the number of voters in the current state election was 74, 9083, and the turnout rate was 66.6%.

Chairman of the Election Committee Datuk Abdul Ghani Salleh.

In the last national election, all official results of Sabah were released at about 5 am.

There were a total of 447 candidates in the current state elections, which is the largest number of candidates since the beginning, 195 more than the previous state election. Among the 447 candidates, 404 are men and 43 are women; the oldest candidate is 75 years old, and the youngest is 22 years old.

Based on the official results of the Election Committee, the SA has taken 38 state seats, surpassing half of the 73 seats in the state, and was able to govern the state. In other words, even if the three seats won by independents are not included, the Saudi Arabian League can govern alone with a simple majority.

According to the results announced by the electoral committee, it is composed of the Turkish League, the Sabah Lixin Party, the Sabah Progressive Party and the Islamic Party), the Barisan Nasional (UMNO, MCA, the National Congress and the Sabah People’s Unity Party) and the Sabah Unity Party (PBS) The Sabah People’s League (Sabah for short) took down 38 seats. “Democratic Party +” 32 seats and independents took down 3 seats.

Among the 38 seats won by the Saudi Arabian League, UMNO performed best, winning 14 seats; the Turkish League Party won 10 seats. The Sabah Unity Party and the Legislative New Party won 7 seats each.

For the Democratic Party+, the Democratic Party won 23 seats, the Action Party 6 seats, the PKR Party 2 seats, and the Democratic Party has 1 seat.

There were 447 candidates from 15 political parties, including 56 independents, nominated for 73 seats in the current elections in Sarawak. There was a multi-faceted battle among many seats.

The results of Sabah Election 2020.


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