Rohingya Genocide ignored by Myanmar – Activists

Rohingya genocide

YANGON: Human rights lawyers and activists said on Monday that Myanmar continues to commit genocide. It against Muslim Rohingya in defiance of UN High Court orders.

In January, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) dismissed the arguments put forward directly by the civilian leader of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, in The Hague. It also placed urgent provisional measures on the predominantly Buddhist nation.

The ICJ directed Myanmar to put an end to the commission of genocidal actions. It also prevent evidence of crimes against the Rohingya from being destroyed. The Myanmar have to report back to the United Nations every six months.

“The genocide continues,” Tun Khin, president of the United Kingdom’s Burma Rohingya Organisation, said in a statement Monday, setting the deadline for the second survey. The community is one of the most influential organisations for Rohingya rights.

The government and military of Myanmar are estimating that the provisional measures can be safely ignored and not met with any consequences,” he said.”

It is estimated that a violent military crackdown in 2017 killed thousands. It also forced some 750,000 Rohingya to flee to Bangladeshi refugee camps.

Rohingya genocide

Deprived Of Citizenship

However in what rights activists describe as apartheid conditions, about 600,000 more Rohingya remain in Myanmar, deprived of citizenship.

As a way of wiping out Rohingya militants, Myanmar denies committing genocide, justifying the 2017 operations.

M Arsalan Suleman is the lawyer working on the Myanmar case. He reported on Monday that the country had submitted the report on time.

But the ICJ is being urged by activists to compel the Southeast Asian nation to make it public to allow full scrutiny.

“Tun Khin said For Rohingya, this lack of accountability is yet another injustice.

Moreover, rights organisations have condemned the almost utter exclusion of Rohingya from voting and their continued vilification as illegal interlopers in November’s election.

“Myanmar has done nothing to address the root causes of discrimination and impunity that are leading to the ongoing risk of Rohingya genocide,” said Grant Shubin, legal director of the Global Justice Center.

Rohingya genocide

Rohingya Crisis

The Rohingya crisis has left Myanmar and Suu Kyi’s foreign credibility in tatters.

Last week the United Nations General Assembly unanimously voted for a draught resolution expressing “serious concern”. It is about serious abuses of rights against the Rohingya. Myanmar blasted this move as “intrusive” and “illegitimate.”

The nation has conceded that some soldiers may have used “disproportionate force in the 2017 crackdown. However, it maintains that Myanmar’s criminal justice system will investigate and prosecute them.

Last year the International Criminal Court launched an investigation into the abuse of Rohingya in legal proceedings apart from the ICJ case.

Under the concept of universal jurisdiction, which requires war crimes and crimes against humanity to be prosecuted everywhere a lawsuit has also been filed in Argentina.


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