Roger Federer: The Humble Champion


Roger Federer, a professional tennis player known for his elegant movements on the court and sophisticated style. He is the only tennis player in the world to ever win the big four tennis tournaments, also known as the Grand Slam, for a record-breaking 20 Grand Slam titles achieved.

Path Into Becoming A Champion

Federer spent his childhood years at the borders between Germany and France. He was originally born in Basel, Switzerland on 8 August 1981. He started his tennis by playing it as a hobby with his family, but he stood out by showing talent among his family members. After his talent was discovered by his parents, he started to take it seriously by training professionally and joined tournaments since he was 14 years old.

At the beginning of his professional career, his performance was not up to par. He has not been as smooth sailing as people thought where he did not manage to even win a single tournament. It was about to change for young Roger Federer after he won his first ATP Tournament in 2001. From then on, his tennis performance spiked up tremendously. He even managed to unexpectedly climb up to become number 6 in the world ATP rankings in a short period.

Federer then later fights his way up to become the number 1 ranked tennis player in the ATP rankings. Not only that, he was able to astonishingly remain to be the world number 1 for four years from 2004 to 2008 beating all his opponents and defending his throne from his greatest rivalry Rafael Nadal.

Unfortunately, Federer had a small bump in his tennis career when he got an injury. To add on to that, he ended as the world number 2 player in the ATP rankings in the year 2002. Federer came back stronger after his recovery in the year 2009, he managed to incredibly win another two Grand Slam Tournaments.


Moreover, Federer had been nominated eight times and won six of them in the Laureus World Sports Award to honour his sporting achievements for being the Sportsman Of The Year and Comeback Of The Year.

Winner on Court, Champion in People’s Heart

Despite all of his inspiring stories of success, he never forgets that there are people who are in need. He believes in the power of people where every individual just needs some initial empowerment, especially children. According to the official website of the Roger Federer Foundation, he was able to reach out and help at least one million children mostly in Africa.

The Roger Federer Foundation primarily focuses on providing support to educational projects. Among them are building schools and improving the quality of basic education. Federer generously spent 52 million USD since the foundation has started. As a result, it has benefited over 1.5 million children, both in Africa and also his birth country, Switzerland.

Federer is a very successful and experienced tennis player. He managed to win the hearts of the people with his warm smile and his munificent character. His inspiring stories have taught people to always be humble no matter who you are. As human beings, we should always give a helping hand to each other.


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Prepared by: Danial Irwan


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