Robots are taking over amid pandemic

Robots are taking over amid pandemic

Robots have recently played an important role during the global pandemic. It has replaced workers in every sector during a particularly tight labour market.

Automation solutions that were unthinkable when twenty years ago have spiked.

Robots Automation Solution

There are many technologies such as machine vision, machine learning & AI, open-source robotic operating systems, and mobile components and sensors.

Robots turbulent market

Currently, investors are willing to back robots. For examples. SoftBank-backed BrainCorp, applications for healthcare has raised $36 million.

Thus, the logistics and manufacturing industries need the robot aggressively.

 AI-based automation solutions

It actually allows customers to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape and boost their productivity and efficiency three-fold.

With the  COVID-19, enterprises will be looking to future proof their operations and make the transition.

Money generation

Overall, the market for the autonomous mobile robot (AMRs) and autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs) is going to generate over $10 billion by 2023 according to Interact Analysis.

Robots are taking over amid pandemic

Autonomous mobile robot (AMRs) and autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs) is going to generate over $10 billion.

High efficiency and productivity

In fact, collaborative robots are the overall automation industry. It has become insanely good at performing repeatable tasks around humans. Besides, mobile robots are whizzing down logistic warehouse aisles and taking inventory of products at Walmart.

They are to make work easier for talented professionals. It is also certainly easy to swallow in a labour crunch during a strong economy.


So far, most of the automation equipment in the industry is used to replace manual labour in a simple process. However, in the future, robots will be involved in a complicated process.


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Robots are taking over during COVID-19 (and there’s no going back)


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