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Review of Tesla Battery Day Activity

On September 22nd, Tesla held its annual Tesla Battery Technology Day.

On September 22nd, Tesla held its annual Tesla Battery Technology Day. Tesla CEO Musk has previously said the company’s Battery Day product willnot be mass-produced until 2022. Just before Battery, Tesla CEO Musk hinted that the market should not overstimate the impact of “Battery Day”.

Release Of 4680 Cells New Battery Life Increase 16% Cost Reduction 14%

At the event, Tesla unveiled a new “4680” cells with a 16% increase in range, a five-fold increase in energy density, a six-fold increase in power, and a 14% reduction in cost per kilowatt hour.

This is Tesla’s own design for a poleless battery 48mm in diameter and 80mm high. The new 4680 cell wil take about a year to reach 1 gigawatt of capacity, but Tesla is considering raising it to 2 gigawatt a year.

Musk said dry cell battery technology was not yet “a mature 10 to 9…it’s hard to frantiacally expand capacity.” It could take about a year to produce a experimental battery at the Fremont plant on Battery Day, and three years to fully operational, with the goal of rapidly increasing battery production to 3,000GWh per year by 2030, about 85 times the capacity of the Nevada plant.Tesla is now increasing production of its experimental battery line at its Fremont plant.

Musk said there are plans to halve battery costs, including changing electrode materials and improving the battery design and production integration process. “We don’t have a car that;s easy to affort. This is what we will have in the future. So we have to reduce the cost of batteries.”

Develop a new $25,000 electric car

Tesla has annouced that it will significantly reduce the cost of batteries and battery packs, with the new goal of producing electric cars that cost as little as $25,000 (about Rm105,000). Mr Musk said the new way the core was produced, as well as changes to the material inside the core, would halve the price per kilowatt-hour of Tesla’s battery pack, reducing the price of electric cars to levels similar to those of fuel cars.

Confident of building fully autonomous cars after three years

‘About three years later, we’re confident we can build a very attractive fully autonomous car for $25,000, ‘ Mr. Musk said. ‘As of today, we recycle 100% of our car batteries, ‘ Mr. Musk said. By 2030, battery production will reach 3 trillion watt-hours. Tesla wants to expand power generation at its Nevada superst plant to 150 gigawatt hours, currently 35 gigawatt hours.


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