Resume Mistakes To Avoid in Malaysia

Resume Mistakes To Avoid in Malaysia

Everyone who has applied for a professional job knows they need to write a good resume that can highlight their strengths and their background. Yet anyone in the recruiting industry will tell you it’s shocking the number of resumes they receive that are either rife with errors or openly flout the job posting’s instructions. Here are the resume mistakes to avoid in Malaysia.

Resume mistakes to avoid in Malaysia

Resume Mistakes To Avoid in Malaysia: Delete irrelevant work experience

Failing to identify and delete irrelevant work experience

“One resume mistake many people make is that they feel the need to oblige to include every job, including part-time work, that they’ve had since college. For example, including that you were a Subway sandwich artist for three months is superfluous if you’re applying for a technology job – unless, of course, the company’s technology improves the sandwich-making process. Including information like this shows laziness and a general lack of understanding.” – Joshua Goldstein, co-founder of

Bolding the wrong information

“Do not bold the company you worked for; bold your position with the company. This is what the recruiter or hiring manager is looking for. One exception [is] if the company is highly recognizable (Facebook, Google, etc.).” – Bill Benoist, leadership and career coach

Making claims without measurable evidence

“If you’re going to boast about increasing sales or improving process efficiency. At least support these claims with real statistics and an explanation of how you accomplished these feats. When I read ‘improved department sales revenue’ on a resume, I’m not convinced.” – Tyson Spring, co-founder and head of business development at Élever Professional

Adding too much fluff to your job descriptions

“One of the biggest mistakes I have seen in resumes floating around today is people amplifying their qualifications with fancy words. They are not lying on their resume; they are just turning a task they once completed into years of experience. Once you sit down with them and utilize them in something practical, you quickly realize their resume was a lot of hot air and little practicality.” – Victoria Ley, founder of Life Levels INC.

Including obvious skills

“Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are no longer skills to call out on your resume. These days, employers assume that all good applicants have a working knowledge of the Office suite. Instead, use that space to highlight experience with more advanced technical tools in your sector – e.g., SQL, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Mixpanel, and Adobe Creative Suite. These skills are very compelling to employers and will help you stand out from other contenders.” – Maisie Devine, co-founder, and CEO of recruiting app Savvy

Saving your resume using an outdated file format

“Avoid using dated Microsoft packages for your Word doc resume, as new systems don’t always read the document accurately. Many resumes come through unreadable at the worst or unaligned at the best.” – Chris Delaney, founder of Employment King

Ignoring application instructions

“I just hired an assistant and had to review over 250 resumes and cover letters for this position. My ad asked to not send a generic cover letter and to visit our website. This is to explain why their skills are a good fit for us. About 70% of the time they’d shoot off a non-customized resume, and 90% of the time they wouldn’t include a cover letter. Because of this lack of following directions, [I] weeded out a huge portion of applicants.” – Julie Weinhouse, principal at HERO Entertainment Marketing

Resume Mistakes To Avoid in Malaysia: Failing to explain career change

Failing to explain a career change

“This is a byproduct of the generally bad job search approach founded in keeping your options open. Therefore, applying for practically anything and everything under the sun. For example, your professional background and experience is in marketing, but after months of searching for a marketing job, you decide to expand by considering other objectives. All the employer does is look at the resume for a few seconds. After that, she asks herself, ‘Why is this person applying for this job?'” – Jewel Bracy DeMaio, resume coach at

Key takeaways

By avoiding these resume mistakes, you increase your chances of getting hired among others who make mistakes in their resumes.


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