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Ernest Cline’s sequel book Ready Player Two has revealed new plot synopsis about a new Easter egg, a new quest and a bigger threat.

Ready Player One has achieved a massive success when it went on to gross $582 million worldwide. After Cline realizes the big hit on this film, he immediately went to work on a follow-up novel. This book is now complete and the movie is scheduled to release on November 24.

There is still no confirmation that the second film is in the works. However, since the book was finished and the plot is now in place, presumably that a script will soon follow.

Throwback to the first story

The previous sequel, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline was published in 2011. It talked about a dystopian future vision in which a vast majority of people have become addicted to the OASIS. OASIS is a virtual reality world full of pop culture avatars where gamers compete within themselves to uncover a final prize-unlocking Easter egg. The Easter egg is left behind by the creator of OASIS, an oddity genius called James Halliday.

At the end of Ready Player One, Wade Watts uncovered Halliday’s final Easter egg by winning the game Adventure. He then won control over the OASIS and decided to share with his mates in hope to make both online and real worlds better places for everyone.

Revealing how the story continues

During a New York Comic Con, Wil Wheaton has revealed a Ready Player Two synopsis featuring Cline himself. In fact, the synopsis revealed that the sequel will continue immediately after Wade Watts’ triumph at the end of the first story.

In Cline’s sequel, there will be an introduction of a new and more addictive version of OASIS. As so, the battle to improve humanity will become harder as the influence of the OASIS will become more complicated. In fact, the overall plot of Ready Player Two is actually quite similar to the first story. This is because the sequel will be having another Easter egg and another prize at stake. Nonetheless, the sequel will raise the stakes by placing the fate of humanity in the balance.

A Ready Player Two film can almost assure fans to become even more bombastic and nostalgic film.


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