Rare Reptile Species Discovered in Singapore After A Century

The rare Selangor mud snake was recently rediscovered in Singapore after it was last seen 106 years ago in 1914.

The brown reptile with white patches was spotted swimming in a shallow concrete drain. Near the Nee Soon swamp forest on September 19.

The recent discovery by naturalists Dennis Chan, 26, and Neo Xiao Yun, 24. This changed the snake’s status in Singapore from “indeterminate” to “extant”. It is a definitive record for the existence of this rare species.

Herpetological Society of Singapore co-founder Law Ing Sind had said the scientifically significant discovery, reaffirming the presence of the species in Singapore. It also raised the possibility of the occurrence in Peninsular Malaysia.

The species, last found in a rubber plantation at Bukit Sembawang in 1914. It was then deposited in a museum in Dublin.

It was reported that information on the behaviour and habitat of the snake is scarce.

About this Species

Most reptile species are generally a shy demeanour.

They usually shy away from dense areas, open spaces and hide deep within the jungle.

So, it is quite exciting for Singaporean naturalists Dennis Chan and Neo Xiao Yun. When they suddenly spotted a rare snake there recently.

The recent rediscovery here has changed the snake’s status in Singapore from “indeterminate” to “extant”.  It is definitive to record this species.

The co-founder of the Herpetological Society of Singapore, an enthusiast group for the study of reptiles and amphibians. He added this record is scientifically significant. This is because it reaffirms the presence of this species in Singapore. Moreover, it raises the possibility of it occurring in southern peninsular Malaysia.

Apart from that, little information about the behaviour and habitat of the snake.

The reptile is aquatic, appears mostly at small forest streams at night.

All in all, this snake is just one of many snakes in discovery history.  It highlights the vast biodiversity present here.

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