Peru judges drop rape case as woman wearing red underwear was “asking for sex”

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Protesters wearing red knickers demonstrate against a controversial rape ruling by a court in Peru. Photo: NEWSFLASH/ICA.FEMINISTA
World Top News: Angry demonstrators at the streets to protest a court ruling that women wearing red underwear must not complain after being rape. Because they were raped while “sexually demanding”.

Groups of women protested. It is to acquit a rape suspect because his alleged victim was wearing red underwear on the night of the attack.

Campaigners protest on the streets of Peru, holding up placards with the judges' faces

World Top News: Campaigners protest on the streets of Peru, holding up placards with the judges’ faces. Photo: NEWSFLASH/ICA.FEMINISTA

The judge ruled that the victim was actually “willing or prepared for sex”. Just because of the type of knickers she had on in during the alleged sexual assault.

According to local media reports, a judge, including two women and a man, ruled that the female victim was not the shy and introverted person she pretended to be. This controversial ruling has caused outrage across the country.

The decision came from judges Ronald Anayhuaman Andia, Diana Jurado Espino and Lucy Castro Chacaltana, they said that the red underwear shows that this is not rape.

Furthermore, the judge said in the ruling of the Criminal Court of the Temporary State University of Ica, Peru:

“The supposed personality (shy) represented by her does not relate to the undergarment she used on the day of the incident.”

“This type of women’s underwear is normally used on special occasions leading to moments of intimacy, which gives the impression that the woman prepared or willing to have sexual relations with the accused.”

The rape case has originally reported by a 20-year-old victim in late January 2019. However, the victim has not been named due to legal reasons.

In addition, the young woman claimed that the defendant lost consciousness after taking her to a party under false pretexts, which was known locally as 22-year-old Giancarlo Miguel Espinoza Ramos.

She said that the next day she slept naked in Espinoza Ramos’ bed.

Since the controversial ruling on October 29, protesters have urged officials to overturn the decision.

The demonstrators made a “stop” gesture with their hands. They lined up in a row on both sides of the square and public buildings. The red underwear pull down around their legs to show their solidarity with the victims.

Moreover, Some angry protesters held up signs that included:
“Listen up, judges. Don’t use my underwear to justify rape.”
Not only that, others held up slogans with the face of the judge who made the verdict and conveyed the message.
“Lace is just lace, it’s not an insinuation.”
Angry protesters show support for the alleged victim in Peru

Angry protesters show support for the alleged victim in Peru. Photo: NEWSFLASH/ICA.FEMINISTA

The Peruvian Ministry of Public Affairs issued a statement on October 30 (the day after the court’s decision). It states that they has request that the statement will set aside and request a new trial in another court.

The Office of Judicial Control (OCMA) launched an investigation into the judge’s alleged misconduct on Monday and will determine whether a disciplinary investigation is required.

The use of underwear in rape cases is nothing new.

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‘ASKING FOR RAPE’ Fury as Peru judges rule women who wear red undies can’t complain about rape because they’re ‘asking for sex’

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