Radiation On Lunar, 200 Times More Than Earth


Radiation is the energy emitted by electromagnetic waves or particles. Including visible light, heat that we can feel, and energy that we cannot feel. For example, X-rays, radio waves. Also many more harmful sources of radiation in space, including cosmic rays, gamma rays, and so on.

According to the results of the experiment carried out last year by the Chang’e 4 probe, a team of Chinese and German scholars. “Science Advances published the search report.

NASA’s Apollo Program

In the 1960s and 1970s, astronauts on NASA’s Apollo program used radiation dosimeters to measure lunar radiation exposure. However, these devices recorded the total radiation exposure for the entire mission, not just the time spent on the lunar surface.

Scientists have been waiting for a new lunar vehicle to bring direct measurements of lunar surface radiation. Because they estimate the radiation dose to which astronauts exposed on the lunar surface based on extrapolation and models afterwards.

Study co-auther Wimmer Schweinbrugger, an astrophysicist at the University of Kiel in Germany, said.”The amount of it measured on the moon is about 200 times that of the Earth’s surface and ten times that of a flight from New York to Frankfurt.”

The team also found that astronauts were exposed to 1,369 microsievertsof radiation per day on the moon surface. It is about 2.6 times the daily radiation dose of the International Space Station crew.

What’s more, the researchers calculated that a lunar base covering at least 50 centimeters of lunar soil would be enough to protect astronauts from it.

A deeper compartment is protected by water about 10 meters deep. It enough to withstand solar storms that can cause radiation levels to rise sharply.

Solar storms

Solar storms are terrible, and can cause it sickness, vomiting and even death if astronauts are not protected in space during the Apollo 16 and 17 missions.

Therefore, it is important to establish such a chamber. However, it also ensure that astronauts can reach the chamber in 30 minutes, which is now the time to monitor satellites can reach the early warning of solar storms.

With the United States planning to return to the moon within 10 years. The future space radiation will be one of the greatest dangers to astronauts. Because it could have lasting health effects, leading to diseases such as cataracts, cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

The new data gives scientists a sense of how thick the shields should be if we’re going to stuck on the moon for a long time to come.

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