Queen Elizabeth and Prince William attended the Royal Event without wearing mask

Prince William and Queen Elizabeth
Prince William and Queen Elizabeth

During the pandemic of COVID-19, it is very common for people to have prevention consciousness to wear a face mask. However, it seems like the royal family does not care about the pandemic or setting a good role model for their people.

During Queen Elizabeth’s first public outing since March, Prince William and an executive from The Defense Science and Technology Laboratory joined her. They gathered to view displays of tactics and weaponry used in counterintelligence and meet 48 staff members at the lab. Naturally, people are nagging about why nobody was wearing a face mask in a public event.

Nobody was wearing a face mask in this picture

Nobody was wearing a face mask in this picture

“Specific advice has been sought from the medical household and relevant parties, and all necessary precautions taken, working closely with Dstl.”, said by a Buckingham Palace spokesperson. Furthermore, according to the U.K. government, citizens should wear masks at indoor. This is because social distancing may be hard. People may come into contact with each other that they don’t normally meet.

Nonetheless, it is probably correct to assume the royals do not interact with other people on a regular basis. However, for an institution and public image that is supposed to be leading by example, this is an incorrect way of doing it.

What people feel about it

Fashion critics, Tom and Lorenzo said: “It doesn’t really matter, you should do it out of respects for others and to set an example.” Furthermore, a worried citizen also tweeted that why Queen Elizabeth does not wear a face mask. She should have shown at least a little concern and empathy for her nation.

Another citizen who is invoked by Donald Trump’s refusal to wear a mask also voiced out. The citizen said that Queen Elizabeth taking all the precautions is not the main point to be concerned. It is her who did not wear a mask setting an unspoken precedent. It is very annoying that the royals did not learn ‘something’ from the Trumps antics.

At last, hopefully, the royals can set a correct and ideal example next time in front of their citizens. It would be better if they encourage people to wear masks on a daily basis.


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Queen Elizabeth and Prince William Are Being Dragged for Not Wearing Masks to a Royal Event


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