Proton X50 SUV launched, priced from RM79,200

Today, Proton released the official picture of the new X50 through the official Facebook page, showing the appearance and interior design of this small SUV.
As Proton is about to hold a media preview for the X50 next week, it is now the first to announce the official image of the new car.
Different from Geely Binyue’s water tank cover with water drop ripples, X50 is replaced with the same infinite weave totem as X70. Plus a new rear spoiler, and two-colour painting, the overall shape looks more dynamic and fashionable.
The interior part is decorated with a large number of chrome-plated materials and is equipped with a floating central control screen, a multi-function steering wheel, one-button start, an electronic handbrake, and a wealth of intelligent safety equipment.

Interior part of Proton X50

In terms of power, X50 is believed to use the 1.5L Turbo engine jointly developed by Geely and Volvo, with an output performance of 177hp/255Nm, coupled with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and an acceleration time of 0-100km/h of 7.9 seconds.

 Proton X50’s 1.5L Turbo engine

In addition, some netizens recently exposed the X50 remote control key, only showing the back of the key with a metallic lustre. With the word PROTON in the middle and some subtle garland processing. This depends on the metallic key shape of the top version of the twin brother BinYue, and its function may also be the same, while the lower version of the key is the black key below.

X50 remote control key

This includes the function of the remote control to start the engine. So that passengers can enter the car to enjoy a moderately cool temperature and allow the engine to reach operating temperature in advance.
In addition, Proton also stated that X50 deliveries can reach 8,000 units this year. So customers still have the opportunity to enjoy the 10% sales tax exemption provided by the government until the end of this year.
As a locally-made car, the production of X50 in Tanjung Malim will benefit the Malaysian automotive supplier community. With an estimated annual transaction volume of at least RM1.8 billion. In addition to the X70’s purchase of parts and accessories of up to 1 billion Ringgit. The two sports SUVs of Proton contribute up to 2.8 billion Ringgit in turnover to car suppliers each year.

Proton X50 SUV launched, priced from RM79,200

After the new car models are on the market, Proton expects that its performance will increase significantly. As of August 2020, Proton is the only car brand whose sales volume has surpassed the same period last year. Due to the impact of the coronavirus, sales volume in the industry is generally lower than last year.
Datuk Seri Sai Faiza pointed out: “As a domestic car manufacturer, Proton’s growth means that it will inject more funds into the Malaysian car supplier ecosystem. Thereby creating more employment opportunities and creating wealth. The national economy suffers After the coronavirus hit, this has played a major role in the current economic recovery.”
The on-road price of Proton X50 includes Penjana sales tax subsidy in Peninsular Malaysia. The standard version starts from RM79, 200 and the flagship version starts from RM103, 300.

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