Postpone physical registration for higher education institutions


The Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) has advised all higher education institutions to postpone physical registration for all new students following the spike of Covid-19 cases in the country.

MOHE has released a statement on 2 October 2020 urging the postponement of physical or face-to-face registration of the students. This is to preserve the well-being and safety of students, university staff, and all parties involved.

Besides, MOHE has also suggested that all registration matters can be carried out online. This also applies to teaching and learning, until the end of the month or until a new announcement regarding this issue is made.

A notice released by MOHE regarding the suggestions on the postponement of physical registration for new students.

Minister slammed for the late announcement

Following the statement released by MOHE on 2 October 2020, the public has slammed Higher Education Minister Datuk Dr Noraini Ahmad online, mostly for her incompetence in holding her position, due to this last-minute announcement.

Since then, on Twitter, there were tweets with the hashtag #MenteriKPTsilaletakjawatan and #SiswaJagaSiswa due to dissatisfaction of the said the late announcement by MOHE.

She has then apologized for the hardships that have arisen especially to the students. “I take note of the grievances and complaints of students and their family members following the decision of the higher education institutions to postpone their physical registration,” she said in a Facebook post on October 3 (Saturday). She also hoped that higher education institutions will be compassionate in managing this issue.

MOHE has issued a post claiming that MOHE has never issued any statement saying that MOHE’s late announcement on postponing physical registration is on par with students’ habit of handling in assignments last-minute.

Outrage from the students and related parties

Many upset students have voiced out their dissatisfaction on Twitter regarding the dissatisfaction of MOHE making last-minute and U-Turn statements.

This late announcement has affected students and their families from various aspects. This has forced students, especially from East Malaysia to reschedule their flight schedules. They had spent money and time on transportation fees and preparation to depart to campuses. For those who are more unfortunate, they have been left stranded as they had already arrived at their respective campuses.

Following this issue, various parties have initiated financial aid for these affected students.

Muda, a youth-based party, has raised more than RM50,000 to aid the stranded students through its #TolongBantuMahasiswa fundraiser.

Former Education Minister, Dr Maszlee Malik has initiated a Bantuan Khas #SiswaJagaSiswa crowdfunding.

The public has also offered help to the affected students on Twitter.



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