Pope vows Vatican workers no one will lose jobs because of pandemic

Pope vows Vatican workers no one will lose jobs because of pandemic

Pope Francis promised Vatican employees on Monday that none of them will lose their jobs. Whichever that is related to the coronavirus pandemic, which has severely damaged Vatican finances.

“You are the most important thing here. Nobody is to be ignored, nobody will lose their jobs,” Francis told workers. Not forgetting their children at a special audience held to exchange Christmas greetings.

The pandemic has wreaked havoc with the Vatican’s finances, forcing it to use reserve funds. Also, implementing a number of the toughest cost-control measures ever within the tiny city-state.

“No one should suffer from the ugly economic effects of this pandemic…We have to figure harder to resolve this problem, which isn’t easy. There’s no magic wand. We’ve to manoeuvre forward as within the same family,” Francis said in improvised remarks.

Lay employees add all of the Vatican’s administrative departments and also as gardeners, firefighters, police, maintenance workers and in its world-famous museums.

The pandemic has drastically slowed the flow of funds from the Vatican Museums. In which received some 7 million visitors last year and amount to the city’s most reliable project.

The museums, which generate an estimated $100 million yearly, closed for 3 months within the spring during the primary wave of the pandemic, reopened for a limited number of tourists during the summer, and closed again as a second wave hit Italy.

Earlier this year, top Vatican administrators ordered a freeze on promotions and hirings and a ban on overtime, travel and enormous events in an endeavour to contain costs.


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