Pope Francis endorse same sex-civil unions


Pope Francis said that homosexuals are children of God and have the right to organize a family. I believe this is the first pope to put forward a similar position. The analysis pointed out that although Francis opposes same-sex marriage, he supports same-sex couples to obtain certain legal protections. The remarks in the documentary are the clearest comments that Francis has made regarding same-sex relationships.

The Rome Film Festival aired a documentary on Wednesday, in which Francis talked about the environment, poverty, and discrimination. He said that homosexuals have the right to be part of the family, describing them as the children of God, and saying that a “civil union is needed”. “The law enables them to be protected by the law.

The spokesperson of UN Secretary-General Guterres praised the Pope’s positive position and pointed out that Guterres has always opposed fear and discrimination against homosexuality and supports the rights of sexual minorities.

In addition, sexual niche organizations in Europe welcome it and hope that the outside world will listen carefully to the Pope’s remarks and will pay close attention to how local churches respond to these remarks, and whether the welfare of niche families will improve.

Same-sex couples

Moreover, the Roman Catholic Pope Francis (Pope Francis) stated for the first time on the rights of homosexuals. In the documentary “Francesco” (tentative translation) released on the 21st, homosexuals should be subject to the “civil union” law. union) protection. This is very different from the traditional position of the Vatican.

Besides that, Francis stated in a documentary directed by the Oscar-nominated Russian director Evgeny Afineevsky: “Homosexuals have the right to live in a family. They are all children of God and have a family.

Furthermore, the documentary explores several issues that Francis is most concerned. This was including the environment, poverty, immigration, race, and inequality between rich and poor. When talking about civil unions of homosexuals, Francis said: “What we have to do is formulate a civil union law so that they can be protected by the law. I support this.”

Same-sex marriage

In addition, when Francis served as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he opposed the approval of same-sex marriage legislation. But supported the replacement of same-sex marriage with civil unions between gay couples. This speech in the documentary is the first time he has served as Pope Make relevant statements. Pope biographer Austen Ivereigh told Reuters that Francis’s statement in the film is the clearest language he has used on this issue since he was elected as the pope in 2013.

Same-sex marriageor gay marriage, refers to the marriage of people of the same sex. Marriage equality is a term that is more in line with the current political orientation. It means that everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender has the right to enter into a legal marriage with each other.


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  1. Pope Francis calls for civil union laws for same-sex couples


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