Park Bo Gum’s behaviour provokes controversy

Park Bo Gum
South Korean male god Park Bo Gum enlisted in the army on August 31 this year and began his military service.

South Korean artist Park Bo Gum enlisted in the army on August 31 this year and began his military service. He is now serving in the Navy Cultural Propaganda Corps. Before joining the army, Park Bo Gum rushed to shoot the drama “Youth Record” and the new film “Replicator Xu Fu”.

At the end of last month, Park Bo Gum was wearing a navy uniform and attended the military event “Korea Naval Protection Concert”. But he mentioned on the stage his performance of “Youth Record” and “Replica of Xu Fu”. He invited a lot of fans to pay attention to his new work. Netizens accused him of propagating his commercial works at military activities, suspected of violating military rules!

Later, the military explained that he only mentioned the new work in response to a question from the emcee. However, yesterday it was pointed out that because of a complaint that Park Bo Gum violated the rule that soldiers cannot engage in any commercial profit-making behaviour during service. The Navy determined that Park Bo Gum’s speech might provoke him. Came to dispute, and issued a warning to him.

On the other hand, the finale of “Youth Record” aired last Tuesday night. Yesterday (3rd) there was another promotional video filmed by Park Bo Gum wearing a navy uniform for the military. This time, it also wears a military cap. Uniform shape, to promote recruitment expo activities and to cheer young people who are preparing for job hunting. Fans in many places said that Park Bo Gum in the new promotional film is completely a plot in the drama, very photogenic, and continues to support his military life.

Youth Record

Youth Record

Facing the wave of external complaints, although the naval forces have determined that Park Bo Gum’s remarks are not profitable, his remarks may cause controversy. He has been formally punished and issued a warning letter of “attention” and asked him to guarantee that there can be no next time.

Background of Park Bo Gum

Bo Gum was born in Seoul, South Korea on June 16, 1993. He is the youngest of the three children in the family. This means “as precious as a sword in the hands of a king.” His mother died when he was in the fourth grade. He started to learn the piano when he was five years old. He worked as a pianist and choir member in the church. Moreover, he also joined the swimming school team of Seoul Mokdong Middle School.


In the second year of high school, Park Bo Gum sent a video of him singing and playing the piano to many famous artist management companies and received many notices. Park Bo Gum initially wanted to become a singer-songwriter.


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  1. After a Netizen Files a Complaint over Park Bo Gum’s Remarks During the Recent Navy Concert, ROK Navy Answers “No Problem”

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