OPPO unveils new slide-phone concept design

concept design

China Smartphone vendor OPPO has collaborated with Japanese industrial design studio Nendo to introduce two new concept designs for smartphones and music devices.

Both designs were firstly introduced at the fourth China International Industrial Design Expo held in Wuhan. Oki Sato, the chief designer and chief executive of nendo was the main responsible person. The Expo is an annual event that centred on industrial design in China; this year the theme was “New Designs, New Trends, New Momentum”.

The two new concepts include:

  • a “slide-phone” which attached by hinges and can fold three times in an identical direction. . The smallest size it can be folded is the size of a credit card.
  • “music-link”, a collection of devices focused around a pair of TWS earphones that includes an AI speaker, a smartwatch, a wireless charger and a portable charger.

OPPO slide-phone concept design

slide phone concept

Since OPPO started its company, it has presented various of its classic product designs showcasing its research into form materials, design and interaction. OPPO has unveiled that the idea of “slide-phone” came from the realization of users having larger devices. While users rely on their smartphones, the trend of owning a larger mobile device has become an obvious issue.

Hence, this led to the inspiration of the slide-phone design. “The flexibility to transform the size of the phone as required can benefit users to suit their needs according to their occasions,” OPPO said. “Moreover, a stylus that comes along with the phone increase users’ productivity when using the phone for work or other more complex tasks.”

OPPO music-link concept design

music link concept

To clarify, all devices for the music-link have sleek designs to reflect current design trends.

From that, Users can switch from headphones to listening to output from the speaker when they place the charging case and earphones on the speaker.


OPPO has emphasized convenience and portability as well as the symbiotic design between devices. This totally reflects OPPO’s human-centricity and integration of technology in its design philosophy.

Sato was impressed by OPPO’s philosophy, which goes beyond consolidating the latest technology and encourages a comfortable relationship between the public and their products. He is anticipating new concepts from OPPO and also seeing how they achieved a balance between technology and emotional engagement.

Xiao Bo, OPPO Industrial Design lead designer mentioned that nendo’s design is closely aligned with OPPO’s human-centric philosophy. Moreover, they aim to provide a delightful product experience with cutting-edge technology and modern design.


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OPPO, Japanese designer unveil new slide-phone design concept


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