Not iPhone 12 only on Oct. 13 Apple virtual event

Apple announced another virtual event, which took place on October 13. There are still some products waiting for us to wait and see.

Since the iPhone 5 in 2012, Apple announces its latest iPhone at media events every September. At the 2020 Apple event last month, we received new Apple Watch and iPad models and bundled subscription services, but no new iPhone. This is not entirely surprising, as there are rumors that it has been delayed for several months. Now, Apple will hold its second virtual launch event on October 13 (Oct 14 MYT). iPhone 12 is expected to be postponed till this event.

The iPhone is not the only action missing update or new product we have been waiting for. These are things we haven’t seen in September, but they may (or may not) appear before the end of the year.

What we didn’t see (yet)

iPhone 12

Apple’s next flagship smartphone adds support for 5G, which is actually inevitable, and other specification changes and design changes are increasingly imminent. (If Apple steals these features from Samsung on the iPhone 12, we will be very happy.) So far, we have known (and think we know) the price of the iPhone 12 and its design and color options.


This is an alternative to the long-rumored Tile tracker. It is still a phantom product, but if it appears before the end of the year, it may be a reasonably priced and reasonably priced inventory filler. The tips about this product have been found in some iOS codes, but this is only the information we know about AirTag so far.

AirPods Studio

For some time, Apple’s ear-hook headphones have been rumored. When Apple removed rival headsets and wireless speakers from its online and brick-and-mortar stores, the rumor mill re-ignited an uproar, and many believed that this was evidence of upcoming headset-related announcements. AirPods Studio may include noise cancellation and sensors to detect whether they are on your head or on your neck.

Apple TV

All the TV energy seems to be evolving to the Apple TV Plus service. It will now be available in the Apple One subscription bundle. But this does not mean that you should forget the Apple TV hardware box. The current Apple TV set-top box has been around since 2017, and technically speaking, this is always permanent. With people trapped at home and more streaming content than ever before, an updated box may appear (or not appear) later in 2020.

Apple-silicon Macs

Apple has promised to use Apple’s first batch of new Macs that are not based on Intel Arm chips. This means that we still have a few months away-I have seen the Apple products that Apple has promised. The year is displayed in the last week of December. It could be a Mac Mini or iMac (more likely), or one of the rumored new laptops, such as a 14-inch MacBook Pro (less likely).


Apple HomePod is an excellent smart speaker, but when it debuted in 2018, the price was as high as $350. These days, you will occasionally find it sells for close to $200. We expect a new, smaller, and cheaper model to appear in some time. However, it did not appear at the Apple event in September. Rumor has it that October 13 is this day.

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iPhone 12 isn’t the only Apple announcement we expect on Oct. 13: HomePod and more

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