North Korea’s 75th Anniversary


North Korea held a large-scale military parade in Pyongyang to mark its 75th Anniversary on the 10th last night.

In an impassioned speech, Kim Jong-un thanked and praised North Korea for no confirmed cases of coronary disease so far. Furthermore, he will maintain a zero record. Despite the threat of the spread of the new coronavirus and North Korea has closed its borders for eight months. There are signs that North Korea will still hold a traditional large-scale military parade. This may display the latest military equipment such as intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Preparation of the event

Satellite images released by the US website “38North” on North Korea issues show that Saturday’s military parade is likely to be unprecedented in scale. The rehearsal site built according to the layout of Kim Il Sung Plaza gathered thousands of troops. Also, dozens of transportation vehicles were neatly parked in the nearby parking lot. The former US military commander in South Korea, Vincent K. Brooks also said at the Atlantic Council meeting, “It is clear that North Korea is preparing for a major event.”

The satellite image of the Pyongyang Merrill Airport taken on the 31st. Credit: Airbus Defence & Space

In addition to the platoon of soldiers and continuous motor vehicles, the missile that appeared last should be the highlight of the military parade, and it is also the focus of Pyongyang’s most hope for external display.

Missile development test?

The outside world is also concerned about whether Pyongyang will create an “October Surprise” on the occasion of celebrating its anniversary and before the US election. Agence France-Presse reported that North Korea had a huge pipeline capable of carrying intercontinental ballistic missiles in April 2017 when the situation on the peninsula was tense. In September of the following year, Pyongyang did not test-fire its intercontinental ballistic missiles due to the easing of relations with Washington and Seoul.

The White House welcomed this. However, with the failure of the Hanoi Tekin Summit on February 19, the nuclear talks fell into a deadlock. Experts believe that, including during the nuclear negotiations, North Korea has never stopped its nuclear program and ballistic missile development.

At the end of December last year, Kim Jong Il mentioned North Korea’s “new strategic weapons.” Experts expect that Pyongyang may display a new type of strategic Haitian ballistic missile (MSBS) or an intercontinental ballistic missile with a range up to the United States at the military parade on Saturday, but it also does not rule out that Pyongyang will choose to avoid angering Washington.

Although there is speculation that North Korea may create an “October surprise” before the US presidential election, it is believed that it is impossible to conduct a missile test.

intercontinental ballistic missile

Jenny Tang, an expert at the Stinson Center, believes that “using military parade displays instead of missile test launches is a less provocative way of display.”

At the same time, the military parade also has an internal propaganda role. With the purpose of showing the North Korean people that despite economic difficulties, North Korea is still a “military power.”

Celebrations affected due to COVID-19

According to reports, due to the spread of the new crown virus and a series of typhoons, North Korea’s celebrations on Saturday were severely affected. Harry Kazianis, a scholar at the Center for the National Interest of the United States, believes that unless “extreme precautions” are taken, celebrations gathering tens of thousands of people are likely to contribute to the spread of the virus. And “masks and missiles are obviously not good.”

“The New York Post” and the news website “NK News”, which specializes in reporting on North Korea, reported that North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un attended North Korea’s Double 10th Party Day. He first mentioned the post-disaster reconstruction work this summer. Thanking the army for its hard work and affirmed ” Great people” work together to stick to the 0 diagnoses.

“I wish people all over the world who are fighting against this evil crown disease a speedy recovery.”

Kim Jong-un choked in front of the stage. He took off his glasses to wipe his tears for all the generals and soldiers under the stage to see.

In addition, North Korea disclosed a series of tactical weapons at the military parade. Including new-form intercontinental ballistic missiles, with a range sufficient to reach the United States.

Kim Jong-un also mentioned his future efforts to organize the country’s nuclear weapons to face threats.


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