North Korean military killed and burned South Korean official

Lieutenant General Ahn Yong-ho confirms a missing South Korean official.

A South Korean official who went missing near the inter-Korean sea border this week while reportedly was shot dead by North Korean soldiers. The North immediately cremated the South Korean Official’s body. Lieutenant General Ahn Yong-ho said, “We strongly condemn this act of atrocity. We firmly demand the North offer explanations in detail and sternly punish those responsibly.”

The official disappeared around noon on Monday when he was on duty with the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries. He intentionally went overboard a 500-ton government boat because his shoes found left on the vessel. Intensive search operations do not return results.

The Defence Ministry said the man was trying to deflect toward the North. The man was spotted by a North Korean fishing boat A day after he went missing. On Tuesday afternoon, North Korea sent officials wearing gas masks to ask why he was there. Then a North Korean naval boat came and fired at him. Later Sailors from the ship wearing PPE suits poured petrol on his body and burned it. North Korean ordered to shoot dead along the China and South border as a precautionary measure against the spread of coronavirus.

Several cases are crossing from South to North lately, but most defections from North Koreans heading to the South. In July, a man who had defected to South Korea three years ago raised a coronavirus scare. However, he claimed not infected by the virus when he crossed back into North Korea.

His arrival prompted North Korean officials to lock down a border city and quarantine thousands of people over fear. However, the World Health Organization later said his test results were inconclusive, although he may have had coronavirus.

South Korean officers at a military training of Cheorwon on the South Korean border.

Last week, South Korean police arrested a defector.  They tried to return to North Korea by breaking into a military training site in South Korea’s border town of Cheorwon.


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Seoul condemns North Korean military’s shooting of official as ‘act of atrocity’

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