No decision to implement lockdown in Selangor state- MOH

No decisions and plans to implement lockdown action in Selangor state, following the surge in COVID-19 cases.

Health-DG Dt Noor Hisham added that despite the infectivity rate in Selangor has increased to 1.9 Rt. However, the chances for the state to curb through the pandemic are still possible.

He also added necessary interventions and measures have been implemented to ensure public safety.

“If we can do what we did in Kedah, where we reduced the Rt value to less than 0, then we can control this.“

“Measures have been taken.”

“There have not been any discussions on whether a lockdown will be implemented,” said Dr Noor Hisham at a press conference on Friday (Oct 2).

The balance between the economy of the country and health is important before implementing the country in a state of emergency. On Wednesday (Sept 30), Dr Noor Hisham explained Selangor’s 1.95 Rt was much higher than Sabah.

This was due to a surge in daily new infections from two to three cases, to 10 to 15 cases.

The spread of the infection continues to rise from a small number. From 2 to 3 cases, eventually from 10 to 15 cases, and the process continues.

Two New Clusters Detected in Selangor

On October 2, Selangor recorded 31 new Covid-19 cases and two new clusters. These were the Seri Setia and Seri Anggerik clusters.

Out of 31, a total of 13 cases that involved individuals who had recently travelled to Sabah. Which is the epicentre of the current Covid-19 wave.

Health DG added that all the positive cases involved Malaysians who were warded at the same hospital.

Besides, he said as of noon on Friday, 23 people traced in the cluster had tested for the virus.

Four tested positive, 14 tested negative while five others were still waiting for results.

The source of infection is still under ongoing investigation.

Apart from that, the two new clusters are also related to Sabah.

Covid-19 spike on 2 Oct: 287 new cases, the death toll remains at 136

Malaysia confirmed 287 new Covid-19 infections on Friday (Oct 2), the highest daily increase of the pandemic in the country.

It surpassed the spike on June 4 of 277 cases and Thursday’s 260 cases.

To our surprise, all the new cases involved local transmissions.

Moreover, Malaysia also discharged 81 patients, which means the total number of recoveries is 10,095 or at a rate of 85.76%.

Thus, the total number of active cases in the country has now gone up to 1,540 cases.

Cumulatively, the country’s total number of cases since the outbreak began in January is 11,771.

Currently, 22 people are being treated at intensive care units, with four of them requiring ventilator support.

No fatalities were reported, which means the Covid-19 death toll in the country remains at 136 or a rate of 1.35%.


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Covid-19 spike: 287 new cases, the death toll remains at 136



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  1. […] No decision to implement lockdown in Selangor state- MOH […]

  2. […] No decision to implement lockdown in Selangor state- MOH […]

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