New Zealand General Election

New Zealand held a parliamentary election on Saturday that was postponed due to COVID-19. Prime Minister Arden calmly responded to the epidemic and led New Zealand to become a model student in global epidemic prevention. Arden and The Labor Party to which she belongs to win a big victory.
According to comprehensive foreign media reports, according to the final poll on Friday, the Labor Party leads the conservative National Party by 15% with 46%. Polls by various households show that Arden ranks first.

The postponed election

New Zealand was originally scheduled to have a general election on September 19, but the city was closed due to the second wave of outbreaks in Auckland, the largest city. However, the election lacks passion as the epidemic is still severe and the outcome is almost certain.
Although analysts criticized the Labor Party for not proposing a clear recovery plan after the epidemic, it did not hurt Arden’s popularity. During her tenure, New Zealand encountered natural and man-made disasters that led to the Christchurch attack, the White Island volcano eruption, and the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, but Arden led the country through its difficulties with her gentle, firm and delicate leadership style. The Guardian pointed out that Arden no longer needs to do anything to convince voters.

The 2020 General Election

The polling station opened at 9 am New Zealand time (4 am Malaysia time today). But a record number of voters voted early. As of yesterday, more than 1.7 million people have voted, equivalent to almost half of the 3.5 million registered voters. After voting ends at 7 p.m. local, the election committee begins issuing preliminary results.
This election is New Zealand’s eighth election since 1996 when it adopted a mixed proportional representation system (two votes for a single constituency).
The general election was held on September 19 of the same year. Unfortunately, at the request of Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and the opposition parties, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced an extension of four weeks due to the pandemic. With Governor Patsy Reddy’s dissolution of the 52nd Parliament on September 6, the campaign period officially began.
In addition, the Governor-General Sir Pazzi Reddy (right), witnessed by the Returning Officer, signed the Royal Decree on September 13. Confirming the holding of the general election on October 17.

Electoral System

In this election, according to the New Zealand Mixed Member Proportion (MMP) voting system, voters elected 120 members of the House of Representatives. Among them, 72 members from single-member constituencies, and 48 members from the proportional representation system of party lists. Since the implementation of the joint election system, the Labor Party and the National Party have never won more than half of the seats alone. Both need to form a coalition government or a minority government to govern.
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