Netizens feel sad for Dr. Noor Hisham who is coughing and tired

The majority of the 15,000 people watching the live conference via the Health Ministry's Facebook, expressed concerns for Dr Noor Hisham's health and offered prayers. Photo: Bernama

According to reports, netizens see the health chief Tan Sri Noor Hisham Abdullah coughing yesterday, but feel sad when the daily update on Covid-19 has carried out.

15,000 people who watched the live conference through the Ministry of Health’s Facebook, most people expressed concern about Dr. Noor Hisham’s health and prayed.

Some of them even noticed that he looked tired in front of the camera.

One of them, Hamizan Pajar said: “I feel for dato (Dr Noor Hisham), really look tired. The frontliners and your sacrifice are huge, thank you for everything. May you all be protected by Allah. You all are the best.”

Dr. Noel Hussein wrote in the comment section that he hoped that the Ministry of Health would consider taking occasional breaks from Dr. Noel Hisham and let others handle daily updates.

“For goodness sake, look at him (Dr Noor Hisham) he looked so tired. Together we pray for Covid-19 (onslaught) will subside soon.”

Other comments include Mat US:  “It’s tiring to keep saying `kita jaga kita’…pity TSDH (Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham). Nona Karim said: “Look at DG’s tired face. I feel for him.”

For Haniff Klang, he urged Dr. Noor Hisham to take care of his health because people need their heroes.

Carrie Soon commented: “Dr diligently gives answers to questions and they are useful answers, despite being overwhelmed with massive workload…you are the best.”

Several netizens reiterated Dr. Noor Hisham’s call that if there is no reason to go out, everyone should stay at home.

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Netizens sad over coughing, tired-looking Dr Noor Hisham

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