Netherlands ban flights from UK after detecting new coronavirus strain

Netherlands ban flights from UK after detecting new coronavirus strain

Netherlands will ban flights carrying passengers from the UK from Sunday as Britain detected a brand new coronavirus strain.

A travel ban will remain in place until Jan. 1, the govt. said during a statement early Sunday. Also adding that it’s monitoring developments and is considering additional measures regarding other modes of transport.

Dutch government will not advise public to wear masks - minister | The Star

Netherlands added that in early December, sampling of a case within the country had revealed the identical virus strain. Same as that found within the UK.

In measures to regulate the spread of virus, government issued a “do not travel” advisory, unless it’s absolutely essential.

After UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and scientists announced on Saturday that the new strain of coronavirus identified within the country is up to 70% more infectious. That was when the ban came.

Johnson also said London and southeast England, which are currently within the highest level of a three-tier system of rules, would now be placed in a new Tier 4 level.


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