Netflix premiering K-pop group Blackpink’s documentary

Netflix will be releasing K-pop group Blackpink's documentary called Blackpink: Light Up The Sky, which will be premiering on October 14.

What to expect in Blackpink’s documentary

Blackpink: Light Up The Sky

Blackpink: Light Up The Sky Netflix poster

In this Netflix documentary, Blackpink fans, so-called Blinks will be able to see a softer side of this well known K-pop power girl group. Blackpink members, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose will open up about their journey from teenage trainees to globally known superstars.

It consists of home videos, candid interviews and behind the scenes footage of Blackpink. It records and tracks the rise of Blackpink from teens to global superstars.

About Blackpink and its members

Blackpink members

Blackpink members (from left): Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, Rose

Since their debut as Blackpink in South Korea from four years ago, they have become a global phenomenon. Many of their songs such as Kill This Love have hit over a billion views on YouTube. Not only that, but they have also collaborated with famous stars such as Cardi B, Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga.

The four Blackpink members – Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose are known for their catchy slang mixing English and Korean as well as their slick dance routines.

Lisa is from Thailand, Rose grew up in New Zealand and Australia while Jennie moved to New Zealand since 8 years old. Jennie went to New Zealand on her own and lived with a home-stay family. For your information, Both Jennie and Jisoo are Korean where only Jisoo grew up in Korea.

Fans will get to know the life stories of the four women, aged 23 to 25 in this Netflix documentary.

What the filmmaker said

According to filmmaker Caroline Suh, she hopes that the film humanizes the Blackpink members. She hopes that they are able to show a more three-dimensional side of K-pop idols and stars instead of one dimensional. Moreover, she also said that she hopes that people are empathetic toward them and give support to them.

As the members trusted Suh, they start to share their experiences, including hardships and difficulties they encountered during trainee times.

More and more youngsters are joining training programmes consisting of hours of daily voice training, dance lessons and schoolwork, alongside weekly auditions. Teenagers nowadays need to realize that it is not always successful to make it out in the world of K-pop.

YG Entertainment, the agency company which formed Blackpink, did not set any regulations for the film crew, Suh said.


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From teens to superstars: Netflix film tracks K-pop group Blackpink’s rise


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