Nadal wins 1,000th ATP Tour matches

Rafael Nadal has become the fourth male tennis player to win 1,000 ATP Tour matches.
On November 5th, in the ATP Paris Masters, Nadal defeated Lopez 2-1 to usher in his 1,000th career singles victory, becoming another man who has won 1,000 career victories after Connors, Lendl and Federer. Players Nadal became the fourth player to join the “Thousand Victory Club”.
After winning the French Open, Nadal has won 999 games. Returning to Paris this week, Nadal aims to hit the 1,000th victory. However, against his old friend Lopez, Nadal did not play easily, and finally completed the reversal 4-6, 7-6 (5), 6-4.
Nadal finally completed the reversal 4-6, 7-6 (5), 6-4in the ATP Paris Masters

Nadal finally completed the reversal 4-6, 7-6 (5), 6-4in the ATP Paris Masters

This is the 1,000th singles victory of Nadal’s career, becoming another member of the “Thousand Victory Club” after Connors (1274 games), Lendl (1,068 games) and Federer (1242 games).
Although he has just entered a thousand-win club, Nadal’s winning rate is the highest among the four players. He completed 1,000 wins in only 1201 games, with a winning rate of 83.2%. The winning percentages of the other three are Lendl (81.5%), Connors (81.8%) and Federer (82.1%).

Nadal reached a major milestone in his career in Paris

After the game, the organizing committee held a commemorative ceremony for Nadal, “I am very happy to win 1,000. This also shows that I am old enough. You need a very long career to do this. ” Nadal said frankly that the significance of such a victory in Paris is very special.
Nadal’s victory did not come easily. In the past against Lopez, he did not have much advantage at all. A total of 15 first serve scored 14 points, which can be said to have not given Nadal any opportunity.
“I started this game in one of the worst possible ways, especially when facing a master serving player like him,” Nadal said after the game. “I have been under tremendous pressure in the subsequent games, but I still found a solution. I am proud of this victory. This kind of self-satisfaction far exceeds that of two 6-3 wins.” Nadal’s next round opponent will be Australian Thompson, The latter reversed and defeated No. 15 seed Chulic.

Nadal wins 1,000th ATP Tour matches

From his first career victory in his hometown of Mallorca in 2002 to 1,000 victories in Paris in 2020, for Nadal, the past 18 years have undoubtedly been a wonderful reincarnation. He just won the 13th crown at the French Open last month and also tied Federer’s record of 20 Grand Slam titles. Now he is back in Paris again, moving towards new goals one after another, after reaching the 1,000-win mark. Next, he will try his best to win the Paris Masters for the first time. If he succeeds, he will tie Djokovic’s 36-time Masters record.
The last time Nadal reached the final at the Paris Masters was in the distant 2007 season when he lost to the Argentine Nalbandian in the final, and this year is undoubtedly the best time for him to win the championship, three main opponents Djokovic, Federer and Tim all did not come to the competition. No. 2 seed Sisipas has also been out early. He also has only a few opponents such as Zverev, Medvedev and Rublev. We need to see if he can grasp this heaven-sent opportunity.
Argentine Nalbandian

Argentine Nalbandian

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  1. Rafael Nadal wins 1,000th ATP Tour match by beating Feliciano Lopez in Paris


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