More Enforcement Needed for COVID19 Rising Cases

Public non-compliance to Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), negligent attitudes, scarcely reminders and ignorance. These are some of the reasons Malaysia is seeing a surge in Covid-19 cases. 

Although Sabah and Kedah are currently having the most concentrated cases, new clusters are emerging in other states like Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.  This is due to the result of individuals returning from Sabah or elsewhere.

Malaysia recorded yesterday its highest daily increase in new Covid-19 cases since the outbreak began.

The country’s politicians were lambasted online for failing to practice social distancing when campaigning in Sabah’s recent state election.

Besides, netizens also criticized them for failing to self-quarantine when they returned to peninsular Malaysia.

Thus, the ministry of health urges the compulsory for all returnees from Sabah to test for Covid-19 at the airport from October 10.

The Current Situations of COVID-19 in Malaysia

The last time Malaysia had cases in the single-digit was on September 6. Since then, cases have been in the high double or triple-digit range, giving credence to the fact that Malaysia is now experiencing a second wave of Covid-19 infections.

Statements of high numbers of arrests daily for breaking recovery movement control order (RMCO) rules continue to rise.

Movement control order (MCO) earlier in March and subsequently another four MCOs till May 3. Then a conditional MCO (CMCO) was put in place from May 4 till June 9. After that followed a recovery MCO (RMCO) which will last till the end of the year.

During the RMCO, a wave of reopenings without causing a significant ill effect. People went to the movies, dined at restaurants and started working from offices again.

The Health Ministry announced Malaysia recorded 287 cases yesterday, surpassing the 277 cases reported on June 4. “The worried of the numbers keep on rising, this is keeping up with the trend we are seeing of Covid-19 cases experiencing a spike all over the world,” the ministry’s director-general Noor Hisham Abdullah said at a news conference

Defense Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s briefings

“It’s as if they have forgotten that the virus is still out there and can threaten their lives,” said Dr N. Ganabaskaran, former president of Malaysia Medical Association (MMA).

“I see old people hugging each other, others holding hands, fist-bumping and so on. All of this should stop. Even elbow knocks can still contract the virus from the touch.

“MOH is doing a great job in handling the outbreak, but I feel giving a reminder on a daily basis on television and radio is necessary. To inform that the virus is still out there and is dangerous if you do not comply with the new norms,” he added.

Besides that, he urged the government to be stricter with their regulations and also to reveal the type of punishment meted out.


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