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A survey on the mental health of Malaysians, aged 13 to 17, revealed one in five were depressed, two in five anxious and one in 10 feeling stressed.
“I cannot handle life.” “I want to stop the pain.” “I want out.”
According to Justin Victor, chairman of Befrienders Kuala Lumpur, these may be pathological thoughts that plague people’s mental health problems. It eventually lead to many suicides. He appealed to those in the experience to lend a helping hand.
Victor said: “Mental health issues and suicides being the fifth leading cause of death globally, have now become a major global concern.” He pointed out that Malaysia itself conservatively estimates that 1,780 people die by suicide each year. Five people die every day.
Victor said in a recent conversation organized by the Klang Valley Rotary Club: “For every one person who commits suicide, 25 have attempted suicide and 125 had suicidal thoughts.”
Victor said in the upcoming “Mental Health” network in the prologue of the seminar.
Teenagers are suffering with mental illness 
The 2017 National Health Incidence Survey also expressed pessimism on the mental health of Malaysians between the ages of 13 and 17. One-fifths feeling depressed, two-fifths anxious, and one-tenth. Feel the pressure.
Participants in the speech also emphasized his concern about the current Covid-19 pandemic, the Movement Control Order (MCO) and the economic problems. It caused mental distress to many people in society. He said that all of this could subsequently exacerbate mental health problems and lead to suicide.
Victor admitted that although the impact of the current situation on mental health cannot be ruled out, it should not be forgotten that they must learn to manage stress and have access to help. Most importantly, Malaysians should put mental health first.
Mental health issues will be discussed in depth at the Klang Valley Rotary Club’s webinar at 4pm on October 10th. The theme is “Stop the Stigma: Let’s Talk”. It provide emotional support with the support of Befrienders Kuala Lumpur Support and participate in public education on suicide prevention.
In addition to the mental health insights of Dr. Amer Siddiq, Associate Professor of the Expert Centre of the University of Malaya and Victor Tan, Vice Chairman of Befrienders, Eka Shereen will also share her personal journey to get rid of depression.
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Make mental well-being a priority, urges Befrienders

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