Melbourne opens for dining and shopping after 4 months of lockdown

Melbourne reopens after months of coronavires lockdown
Johnny Vakalis poses for a portrait at his cafe after the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions were eased for the state of Victoria, in Melbourne, Australia, Oct 28, 2020. Photo: Sandra Sanders/REUTERS
After four months of coronavirus lockdown, Melbourne shops, restaurants and hotels opened on Wednesday (October 28). According to a report by CNA.

Many customers enjoy alfresco dining in the spring sun. The shopkeepers hope to make up for the loss of income through large sales.

Victoria and its capital Melbourne are Australia’s second most populous city and have been the center of COVID-19 infection. However, the strict lockdown has ended the second wave of craze, with only two new cases and two deaths overnight.

State Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said at a regular press conference:

“Around 180,000 workers can return to work on site. That is an achievement that every single Victorian should be proud of.”

“We all have to follow the rules, to protect staff, to protect customers, to protect this fragile thing that we have built…So we can have the Christmas we have been looking forward to, with the people we have missed the most.”

At Carlisle St in the Prahran dining area, customers sit at outdoor tables, drink coffee, and eat brunch avocado and egg puree on toast.

An advertisement on a sign outside the Las Chikas restaurant recruits any experienced barista and ground staff to “submit a resume.”

Melbourne reopens after months of hard COVID-19 lockdown as cases ease

Melbourne, Australia reopens. Photo: Sandra Sanders/REUTERS

22-year-old student Ben Israelson drinks coffee with a college friend.

“It’s quite a sunny day here in Melbourne. It’s not over yet, but I’m pretty excited about things opening up again.”

The Israeli lost his part-time job as a hearing aid salesperson in late March. He said that he is optimistic that he will find a job through employment as part of his university studies next year.

In several shops in the salon and retail store Beautyologist, the store manager Sia Psicharis says that she is going to carry out a heavy day of retailing. It is also preparing to open eyebrow waxing and laser hair removal services on Friday.

In the seven months since the store closed, she with the help of the government, trained employees of skin care and Australian specialty beauty brands, but also increased wages.

She said:

“It was sink or swim, we put all our efforts into our social media and our e-commerce.” “Now, I’m feeling really excited, optimistic, can’t wait to get into it. We have got Christmas coming up so it’s an exciting time.”

Salons and restaurants must still comply with strict spacing requirements. The number of diners in each indoor space is 10. The number of diners in outdoor spaces is 50. This will make it uneconomical for some companies to reopen. Others is permanently close.

The cafes, bakeries, and barber shops in the shopping area are dotted with idle storefronts covered with For Lease signs.
Melbourne reopens after months of hard COVID-19 lockdown as cases ease

Two men dines at a cafe after months of lockdown. Photo: Sandra Sanders/REUTERS

Strict social distancing measures, large-scale testing and rapid contact tracing prove that Australia has successfully contained a new virus outbreak. It reducing more than 700 cases per day in July. However, many other developed countries are struggling to cope with the third outbreak. Recorded infections.

Eight new cases has reported in Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales, on Wednesday.

Seven are overseas travelers who were isolated in the hotel. One is a local. Queensland recorded two cases, bringing the total number of cases in Australia to 27,552.

Reuters report that the successful fight against the virus and fiscal and monetary stimulus measures seem to have freed the Australian economy from its first recession in three decades. It entered for the first time in a decade, despite low immigration and high unemployment. The rate will make the road to recovery unbalanced. Opinion polls show this week.

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