Medical technology: Vaccine passes early-stage trials

Medical technology: Vaccine passes early-stage trials
Medical technology: Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose experimental coronavirus vaccine has a positive effect. For example, it can generate an immune response in early-stage trials to all volunteers. The effect with minimal side effects.

Medical technology: More trials will be done

The American company expects to report details of more advanced trials later this month. They are hoping that the vaccine can apply for emergency authorization and also get approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) soon.

Medical technology: A positive and satisfying result

Based on the  New England Journal of Medicine, an international team of researchers has done the testing.

For example, they test the vaccine in around 800 volunteers. Then, the early-stage trials show it was safe and probably should work.

FDA’s authorization

The FDA has given emergency use authorization to the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines. Both of the vaccines have about 95% effectiveness in their Phase 3 trials. The new vaccine medical technology use messenger RNA or mRNA.

Medical technology: Vaccine passes early-stage trials

the early-stage trials show it was safe and probably should work.

A different technique of vaccine

In the current situation, Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine arm, Janssen, uses a different technique for its vaccine, called for now by its experimental name, Ad26.COV2.S.

In fact, the technique uses the weakened version of a common cold virus., Thus, the virus’s name is adenovirus 26. They will carry genetic material from the virus into the body.

Therefore, it will prompt human cells to produce pieces of the virus which are then recognized by the immune system.

100 million dose vaccine

Johnson & Johnson will deliver 100 million doses to the US government if it wins EUA from the FDA.

In fact, all the companies making coronavirus vaccines have been manufacturing millions of doses. At the same time, they are testing them, so that they can roll them straight out should they get FDA and international authorization.


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Single-dose vaccine passes early-stage international safety trials



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