Medical Technology: A biochemical random number

Medical Technology:A biochemical random number

Medical Technology: Scientists have generated a huge true random number using DNA synthesis. It is the first time that creating a number of this magnitude by biochemical means.

Purpose of random number

True random numbers are important in fields as diverse as slot machines and data encryption.

In fact, these numbers need to be truly random, so that the people cannot predict with detailed knowledge.

Ways of generating

As a rule, generating a random number using physical methods. For instance,  measurements of this background noise can be used to generate true random numbers.

Besides, there is also a non-physical method of generating such numbers. For example,  one that uses biochemical signals and actually works in practice.

In the past, the ideas put forward by other scientists for generating random numbers by chemical means tended to be largely theoretical.

Medical Technology:A biochemical random number

The research team built DNA molecules with 64 building block positions

DNA synthesis with random building blocks

For this new approach, applying the synthesis of DNA molecules. This will be an established chemical research method frequently employed over many years.

It has previously produced a precisely defined DNA sequence. In this case, however, the research team built DNA molecules with 64 building block positions, in which one of the four DNA bases A, C, G, and T was randomly located at each position.

The scientists doing this by using a mixture of the four building blocks, rather than just one, at every step of the synthesis.

Huge quantities of randomness but  small space

However, an analysis showed that the distribution of the four building blocks A, C, G and T was not completely even.

Either the intricacies of nature or the synthesis method deployed led to the bases G and T being integrated more frequently in the molecules than A and C. Nonetheless, the scientists were able to correct this bias with a simple algorithm, thereby generating perfect random numbers.


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A biochemical random number



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