Malaysia Business News: Reoperation of businesses is the beginning of biz recovery

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Malaysia Business News: Smaller entrepreneurs can recover their economy and business growth after the reopening of various businesses.

Dr Carmelo Ferlito, senior fellow of Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, said the reoperation would be beneficial. In fact, it will be helpful to smaller businesses owned by locals who have been severely impacted by the Movement Control Order (MCO).

It is a very good news to various businesses as they were struggling and more so when the implementation of MCO halted their recovery. Moreover, it is also good for both businesses that have survived and for those who are eager for a living.

Dr Camelo said, however, Malaysia cannot survive on a “hiccup lockdown” plan. “We cannot continuously open and close businesses as the economy is a continuous flow of transactions and interactions. Hence, the government cannot simply switch the lockdown on and off at command.”

He added that it is crucial that this news is part of a long-term plan, not simply a response to short-term pressure. Hence, this is why it is important that the standard operating procedures (SOPs) are complied with.

He also mentioned that the country is starting to realize that the costs of lockdown are more than the benefits of permitting businesses to remain open. In the lockdown, both the medical and economic side has cost us much higher than the benefits itself. Therefore, this is the beginning of the recovery for most businesses.

Filmmaker and production sector

Business today Malaysia: Al Jafree Md Yusop, TV and feature film director and writer believes that the SOPs for the creatives are indistinct.

It is unclear that what the government is referring to the word ‘studio’ and what it means, as there are things like exterior studios.

For instance, the British Film Commission (BFC) created a 55-page SOPs last time and BFC will constantly update it. There are controlled environments stated in the BFC SOPs guidelines.

The guideline was first published in June 2020. It aims to help the self-employed, employers and employees in film and high-end TV drama production in UK to work safely. The guidance contains foundation questions like mental health, meeting etiquette, costs and stunts. It addresses all layers of employees involved in a production including directors and props.

He added that TV stations have been shooting multiple camera production before the announcement and the updated SOPs. Apparently, there is no difference. In his opinion, the National Film Development Corp should have come up with a real SOPs.


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Reopening of various businesses is the 1st step for biz recovery

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