Malaysian Model died after liposuction

A 23-year-old Malaysian model Xiao Zhixin died after liposuction has gone wrong. The beautician involved was later revealed to have no relevant license, and the local police are investigating.

Her wedding was scheduled to be held next year

Xiao Zhixin has been in love with her fiancé for 5 years. She was originally scheduled to hold weddings in Malaysia and South Africa next year. She went to a beauty salon in Kuala Lumpur for arm liposuction to become the most beautiful bride. And it took her life away.

The beautician has no relevant license

At present, it is known that the knife holder is a 23-year-old woman without a relevant license. Rumour says that she is the daughter of a 49-year-old beauty salon dean. The police have arrested both mother and daughter.
The beautician who helped the deceased had no relevant license, but performed the micro-plastic surgery project in violation of regulations, and reported to the police on the same day.

Xiao Zhixin’s friend called the ambulance

Ms Lu, a friend who accompanied Xiao Zhixin before the operation, said that she had listened to the procedure with Xiao Zhixin before the operation, and then waited in the sofa area outside.
She noticed that the lady in charge of the operation appeared flustered after the operation started, and thought that there was something abnormal.  At around 4 pm, she was called into the operating room. It turned out that Xiao Zhixin was in a coma.
“I saw my friend’s arms kept bleeding, and the body was convulsing”. She called an ambulance and the medical staff tried to communicate with the doctor. The medical staff performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation for her along the way. After being sent to the hospital, the rescue was still ineffective and proved dead.

The exact cause of death is to be confirmed

The suspect recorded a statement claiming that the beauty salon had previously informed that it would not provide professional liposuction techniques, but because the deceased persisted, the arm liposuction operation was started. Unexpectedly, after the injection of anaesthetics, the other party suddenly experienced breathing difficulties, with a pale face. The police said that Xiao Zhixin’s autopsy procedure has been completed, but the exact cause of death still has to wait for the laboratory report to be released.
The doctor gave first aid under the instructions of the medical staff. However, Xiao Zhixin had no consciousness at this time, and her arm continued to bleed.

Xiao Zhixin’s background

Xiao Zhixin won the Asian Rising Star Model Selection Contest in 2014 and is a supernova in the modelling industry. Her friend commented that Xiao Zhixin had a tall figure when she was 13 years old. Her school grades and popularity were high. His brother also said that his sister’s experience can remind other young girls not to become victims.
The brother said that it has been 2 days since the death of his sister. But the beauty salon has not actively contacted the family members so far. Xiao Zhixin’s fiance returned to South Africa half a year ago due to work relations. Now he is unable to travel to Malaysia due to the epidemic. Only be contacted via video, hoping to get justice for his fiancee.
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