Malaysian female student killed in Taiwan

A 24-year-old Malaysian female student surnamed Zhong from Tainan Evergreen University was strangled to death by Liang Yuzhi from Kaohsiung City and abandoned in Kaohsiung. In the early hours of the morning, another Evergreen University girl accused her of being forced to take away at the same place at the end of last month. The police interrogated Liang Nan and initially admitted that “he tried to arrest people nearby, but it was unsuccessful”. However, he couldn’t remember the exact time because he used his hand to pull people away. This time he wanted to switch to hemp rope. Be careful and strangle people to death.”

Tainan Evergreen University

The Victim, Zhong

The female college student surnamed Zhong previously studied at the Methodist Pilley Institute in Malaysia in the Department of Business Management. This is a sister school of Evergreen University. After graduating from this school, she applied to enter Evergreen University for further studies.
In the summer vacation of August last year, the college specially invited Zhong to return to her alma mater to share about the experience and courses of entering Evergreen University, as well as the living environment and facilities in Tainan.
She originally studied at Biley College in Sibu in the country. After two years of studying, she obtained an associate degree. Later, Evergreen University studied Bachelor of International Finance and Business Management. Grade students.
Zhong was lively and outgoing and studies earnestly. Last year, she went to Okinawa, Japan for educational exchange activities. Guan Meiyan said that teachers and students have heard the unfortunate news, and everyone was reluctant and shocked because Da Tam is a community with simple folk customs and excellent public security.
The school informed the relevant units after learning that a female college student surnamed Zhong had lost contact. After investigation, the police found that Liang Nan was involved in serious suspicion, and unidentified blood and a bag of underwear were found in the car. After interrogation for several hours, Liang Nan was on the 29th At 9 p.m., she confessed that she was strangled to death, and only then did she find her body. At that time, she was wearing only underwear and twine around her neck.

Malaysian female student killed in Taiwan

Initial investigations pointed out that the victim did not know the 28-year-old suspect Liang. The other party not only held her neck from behind with twine, and then dragged her to the car.

Malaysian female student killed in Taiwan

After the news came out, the female classmate of the deceased left a sad message, “She told me before that she chose Taiwan because of Taiwan’s security.” Ironically, she only returned to her alma mater last August to give a speech and share her life at Changrong University.

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  1. Malaysian student strangled to death in southern Taiwan, man confesses to crime


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