About Malaysia: Malaysian director won the Golden Horse Award for its debut film

About Malaysia
Malaysian director Chong Keat-aun of "The Story of Southern Islet" poses with his Best New Director award at the 57th Golden Horse Awards in Taipei, Taiwan November 21, 2020. Photo: REUTERS/Ann Wang

About Malaysia: Yesterday, Malaysia’s Chong Keat Aun explored the beliefs of the supernatural with his debut novel “The Story of Southern Islet” and won the best new award at the 57th Golden Horse Awards in Taipei. Director’s Award.

Focus Taiwan reported: “Movies are not great. It is the people who help make them that are great.”

He said that many people helped him make the film. He pays special respect to a producer, photographer and mentor who passed away after the film has completed.

Chong also thanked his parents, who joked that they may not realize that the movie is about them.

Chong said:

“When I was trying to secure funding for this film, many people told me that they didn’t understand it, and I kept saying that maybe someday somebody will. And the Golden Horse Awards understood it.”

The story of the southern island is about a Chinese couple living near the border between Malaysia and Thailand. After quarreling with the neighbor, the husband fainted, vomiting blood and rusty nails.

The wife could not wait to seek treatment for her husband, and began to explore the different spiritual beliefs between different races in the area, hoping that one of them could help heal her husband.

FINAS congratulated Chong Keat Aun

Chong, who as the director, also writing and acting in the film. This film was nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

The Malaysian National Film Development Corporation (Finas) congratulated Chong, who also won the FIPRESCI Award for his debut film.

Moreover, the movie stars Cai Jien, Cai Mingzhu, Wu Ruo, Mei Xinxun and Tang Ling, and won the Best Film Award at the Istanbul Film Awards (IFA) in September 2020.

Although Chong studied film at university. He worked as a radio host in Malaysia for more than ten years after graduation. In 2017, he produced his first short film “Cemetery of Courtesy”. It has nominated for the Busan International Film Festival.

The 57th Golden Horse Awards Ceremony is a event where at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei on Saturday.

So far, Taiwan has only 611 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 7 deaths. Movie theaters across the country are still open during the pandemic.

The annual awards were established in 1962. That consider one of the most prestigious film awards in the Chinese film industry.

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Malaysian director bags prestigious Golden Horse award for debut film

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