Malaysia Politics- PH would still be in power if they had backed me instead of Anwar

Malaysia politics

Malaysia Politics News: Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says Pakatan Harapan would still be in power if he was backed by the coalition’s three parties during the political crisis earlier this year instead of Anwar Ibrahim.

Today, in a blog post, Mahathir denied allegations that he blocked the succession of PKR President Anwar Ibrahim.

“I did not oppose Pakatan Harapan’s proposal for Anwar to replace me when I resigned as prime minister but even before the time came. His people were pushing me to resign.”

Malaysia politics

Final PH Presidential Council Meeting

Mahathir narrated the incidents leading to his resignation as prime minister, from the final PH Presidential Council meeting where he was given the sole discretion to decide when to leave office and the subsequent PPBM Supreme Council meeting where the party’s top leaders demanded they quit the ruling coaltion.

Nevertheless, Mahahtir said his decision to resign had nothing to do with Anwar’s proposal to take over as PM, but because he felt that his own party did not accept his decision to stay with PH.

When Mahathir resigned as PM, a political crisis was triggered, and that is when Yang di-Pertuan Agong interviewed MPs to decide who had the support of the majority.

Mahathir said that 92 PH MPS support Anwar, although he only got support from 66 MPs.

If I had been elected as their nominee by the three PH parties, I would have received 158 votes, including the 66 MPs who endorsed me.

“But because they gave Anwar 92, I lost and Anwar lost as well.”

Had he earned the 92 MPs’ support, Mahathir said the PH-led administration would have been intact and Anwar would have succeeded him when he resigned.

Mahathir revealed that when Anwar’s nomination failed, PH wanted to support him again and claimed Anwar even agreed, on condition he would be deputy prime minister.

“I did not agree because I wanted a Cabinet that would remain (unchanged) for a long time.”

Anwar, he said, relented but by then it was too late as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong had already appointed Muhyiddin Yassin as prime minister.

Malaysia politics

Refusal of Six-Month Prime Minister Plan

Even after that, Mahathir said he and his supporters decided to continue attempts to overthrow the government led by Perikatan Nasional, but Anwar refused his participation, which included a six-month plan for him (Mahathir) to become PM again.
“If I were rejected, my supporters would not be on board and the three MPs needed to secure the numbers would not be given to us.”
This, he said was why during the vote to replace the speaker, Muhyiddin still
had the support of 112 MPs when Dewan Rakyat reconvened after the change of government.
Later, Mahathir said Anwar announced that he had the numbers, and Anwar excluded him and his supporters again.
However,  we all know that Anwar is not the PM. It is noticed that his assertion that he has the numbers is untrue. I do not have a spot in the plans of Anwar. Even after I was pushed back, it was obvious that Anwar could not win.
“Anwar also struggled in 2008. Was I the one Anwar (then) stopped? “In relation to Anwar’s unsuccessful takeover bid, he said.
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