Malaysia news update: 1420 Macau scam cases charged in court

Malaysia news update-1420 macau scam cases charged in court

Malaysia news update, Nov 19 ― A total of 1,420 out of 2,676 Macau Scam cases have been charged in court between January and October.

It is involving the losses amounting to RM256 million, said Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department deputy director Datuk Rusli Mohd Noor.

He continues to tell the reporters at the launching of the Bukit Yong Police Station here today.

Malaysia news update-1420 macau scam cases charged in court

A total of 1,420 out of 2,676 Macau Scam cases have been charged in court

The Victims

The people who are getting involved in the scam was including lecturers, engineers, and even the bank employees.

Also present were Kelantan Police chief DCP Shafien Mamat and his deputy SAC Abdullah Mohammad Piah.

How does the scammer work?

Malaysia news update-Rusli said that someone who made the threats and sweet promises can easily dupe the victims through phone calls.

Besides that, they will take up bank loans of between RM200,000 and RM300,000 
Hence, it will cause the consequence of transferring money to someone’s account. Although, the stranger is the one who tells them to do so.

“There are some who even lost almost RM1 million,” he said.

Say “NO” to a stranger

Rusli advises those who received phone calls from strangers to say “No” to them even though they often offer many attractive gifts and rewards. The victim needs to not easily believe them and to seek the advice of close friends and family.

Besides, there are also individuals who are afraid to lodge a police report after realizing the duped consequence. They will only do so when their families forced them to do so.

Separate note

Shafi said his team would record the struggles and sacrifices of policemen on duty at the Bukit Yong police station when there is an emergency against communist terrorists.

He said the book would show how a group of communist terrorists attack the police station, leading to some policemen get killed or even getting injured.

He also said that many only knew about the communist terrorist attack in Bukit Kepong without realizing a similar incident had also taken place in Kelantan.


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