The rise and fall of Mimaland, Malaysia’s first theme park


About Mimaland

Malaysia Mimaland was the place to be with countless visitors all year long, back in the 1980s. Dubbed the biggest water recreation theme park at 120 Hectares the country ever had.

It was the ideal place to be for Malaysians looking for a quick getaway. With just a mere 20km from Kuala Lumpur City Center.

Mimaland Malaysia

Map of Mimaland.

The Rise of The Mimaland

Boasted a Jurassic Park theme three decades before the Jurassic Park movie franchise even hit the screens.

The theme park had equipped huge water slides and offered countless activities for people of all ages in a rainforest setting, including boating and fishing at its man-made lake. It also fitted almost life-sized static prehistoric animal replicas that gave a real life adventurous experiences.

Its accommodation comprised a motel system complete with 24 rooms, 10 chalets built on the lake. Besides, it had a lodge with four dormitories and 100 beds.

Its guests comprised not only ordinary members of the public but ministers and celebrities.

It also boasted other attractions when television shows and films recorded.

The Fall of The Mimaland

It used to be a popular spot among locals and tourists alike. However, until a series of events led to the theme park’s closure in 1994.

News that shocked everyone when a Singaporean tourist involved in a tragic incident at Mimaland back in 1993. The victim had drowned in a pool.

The following year, development in the area led to a minor landslide. It had caused the conditions of the pool to deteriorate and there were safety issues.

Unfortunately, after the incidents, Mimaland never reopened.

Mimaland appeals to thrill-seekers recently who are up for an adventure

As the owners decided to leave it idle, stranding the theme park ever since its closure.

These days people head to Mimaland out of curiosity. On top of that, especially since there have been claims that “mysterious and unusual” things have happened at the site. Hence, making it one of the most popular “haunted” places in the country.

Meanwhile, there are those who purposefully go there for recreational activities. Some even hike or trek around the area even when they might be caught for trespassing at the privately-owned land.

Mimaland Malaysia

Never forgotten by fans after forsaken

Over the past few decades, many fans have hoped that Mimaland would one day reopen. Despite year by year that dream seems to fade away.

There were talks to redevelop the theme park but by 2015, it was reported by theStar.com that the joint venture between MPHB Capital Bhd, who owns 98.2% of Mimaland Bhd, and Bandar Raya Developments Bhd’s (BRDB) unit Magna Senandung Sdn Bhd was terminated.

Mimaland Malaysia

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