Malaysia Business: RM11 mil for flood victims

Malaysia Business:RM11 mil for flood victims

Malaysia Business (Jan 10): The Pahang state government allocate RM11 million to help in the daily needs of flood victims.

The funds are especially for those that are living in temporary evacuation centres (PPS).

RM8 million fund

The amount that includes also involved in the additional allocation of RM8 million. The allocation actually do approve by the state executive council meeting on Friday,

However, it actually needs to take into account based on the current floods situation.

Second highest of the year

The total amount of RM11 million this year is the second-highest, after the catastrophic floods in 2014/2015 involving about 100,000 victims, which amounted to RM57 million.

Besides, the additional allocation is given to the Social Welfare Department (JKM). This allocation can help the department. For example, to continue to look after the welfare of flood victims.

Allocation amount increase

For the record, the state government’s flood allocation in 2016 was RM16,493, RM1.9 million respectively for 2017 and 2018, and RM46,200 in 2019, based on the needs and level of seriousness of the floods for those years.

Wan Rosdy also said that JKM has also spent about RM3.4 million for the floods operation this time with a total of RM2.9 million spent to purchase the victims’ daily necessities at the PPS.

Source of supplement

Meanwhile, the state government was also making efforts to provide adequate drinking water supply for flood and post-flood victims.

There will be a million bottles of drinking water that are in need. Therefore, he also welcomes contributions from the public and non-governmental organizations to meet this need.

This is because drinking water is one of the main necessities during the flood season. This is because water treatment plants in some flood-affected locations are not functioning properly.

Malaysia Business:RM11 mil for flood victims

Temerloh is the district most affected by the floods this time.

9 Districts get affected

As of this morning flood victims in Pahang comprise 26,375 people from 7,120 families housed in 274 PPS in nine districts. Temerloh is the district most affected by the floods this time.


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Pahang govt allocates RM11 mil for flood victims




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