Test contactless card payments – Rapid KL LRT


LRT commuters will soon look forward to a new payment method. It is because Rapid KL and PayNet seem to be about to trial contactless MyDebit payments. Some non-contact card readers were found at some light rail stations (including Wangsa Maju, Lembah Subang and Pasar Seni).

The hardware can be used with other contactless payments (such as MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave). However, it appears to be configured for MyDebit. MyDebit is suitable for ATM cards issued by most Malaysian banks, and can be used in transactions below RM250 without a PIN. People on have gone to a site in Lembah Subang for a trial. It seems that it cannot be used with Maybank Visa MyDebit ATM, RHB Visa credit card or Samsung Pay.

After careful inspection, it seems that the terminal is currently offline because the WiFi and SIM icons on the screen show the disconnected state. We guess that PayNet and Rapid KL have not yet started their pilot trials, and they will reveal more details soon.

It is hoped that contactless terminals will be implemented on all turnstiles at all stations (including all LRT and MRT lines). If they expand the function to accept Mastercard PayPass and Visa Paywave, it will be very convenient for international tourists. After all, in addition to providing physical Touch’n Go cards, it is always a good thing to provide more options.

How about the QR Transit?

Two years ago, Touch’n Go has conducted a trial run of its QR Transit. That allows commuters to use their smartphones to pay for LRT rides. It uses Touch’n Go e-wallet, and you can enter and exit the station by displaying the QR code of the app. During the trial, they installed QR code scanners at 7 sites. Kelana Jaya, Universiti, Kerinchi, KL Sentral, Dang Wangi, KLCC and Ampang Park. Unfortunately, the QR Transit function has not yet been implemented and has been removed from the Touch’n Go eWallet app.

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  1. […] Test contactless card payments – Rapid KL LRT […]

  2. […] Test contactless card payments – Rapid KL LRT […]

  3. […] Test contactless card payments – Rapid KL LRT […]

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