Louise Glück won Nobel Prizes


The Swedish Academy of Letters announced on the 8th that the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature will be awarded to the American poetess Louise Gluck.

The Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy, Mats Malm, announced the winners at a press conference in Stockholm that same day that Glück used her “with a simple and beautiful, clear and poetic voice to make the individual’s existence universal.” The Faculty of Letters stated in a press release issued that day, “She draws inspiration from myths and classical patterns and presents them in most of her works.”

Malm said that he had contacted Glück by phone and she was very surprised to learn that she won the prize. Due to the new crown epidemic, this year’s Nobel Prize has been changed to remote awards. I hope that Gluck will be invited to Stockholm next year.

The Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy, Mats Malm.

Louise Glück

Gluck was born in New York in 1943. He published his first collection of poems “Firstborn” in 1968. Furthermore, Louise Gluck has authored many collections of poems and essays on poems. Moreover, he has won many awards such as the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. Besides, he is the United States One of the most outstanding contemporary poets.

Louise Gluck is the American Poet Laureate and has won the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, and the National Book Critics Award. Moreover, she was born in a Jewish family of Hungarian origin in 1943. She began to teach poetry creation in many universities in 1975 and is currently teaching at Yale University. Louise Glück published her first collection of poems “Firstborn” in 1968 and has authored more than ten collections of poems and a collection of poems. Starting from “Aara Mountain” and “Wild Iris”, Glück became a “must-read poet”.

I didn’t expect her to win the prize, but she definitely deserved it. “Liu Xiangyang, the Chinese translator of Glück’s poems, said that she started to translate Glück’s poems in 2006 because she particularly liked Glück’s poems. “She is a very individual poet and an important poet in the US. It’s not particularly difficult to find her for the poet. But it was still difficult to translate and publish poetry collections at that time. ”

Louise Elisabeth Glück, an American poet and essayist.

Moreover, after Louise Glück won the Nobel Prize, she immediately aroused heated discussion in the domestic poetry circles. Poet Zhou Sese revisited her past reading memories, “I read her poems for the first time in 2015. I really like her delicate feminine feeling. What a poet brings to the world is not necessarily tearing and despair. What she has brought me is a new understanding of things. In the global epidemic disaster, her poems may have healing and soothing effects.”

Li Shaojun, editor-in-chief of “Poetry Magazine”, said that due to the excellent translation of translator Liu Xiangyang, Louise Glück’s poems are widely known in the Chinese poetry circle. “I agree with the reason why the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to her.” Li Shaojun believes that her Poetry has both lyric and narrative, and there are life sighs, and arias generally spread to the world.


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