Local company in Malaysia: Top Glove arm ranked 2nd-highest among Malaysian patent applicants

local company in Malaysia

Local company in Malaysia: TOPGlove Corp Bhd’s research and development (R&D) arm, Top Glove International Sdn Bhd, has the second-highest ranking among Malaysian patent applicants for 2020. The rankings are based on the Intellectual Property Corp of Malaysia (MyIPO).

Traditionally, universities are the ones who dominate patent filings. However, Top Glove International’s achievement has already reflected the trend of rising industry-based R&D. In addition, it also demonstrated the company’s commitment towards innovation, invention and continuous enhancement.

Based on a statement yesterday, Top Glove will continue to escalate its investment in R&D. Meanwhile, Top Glove will also recruit more talents in digitalization and artificial intelligence for its expanding R&D team to advance its journey towards industry 4.0.

Last year, the company’s R&D centres filed 52 patent applications in Malaysia and 97 patent applications overseas. The applications are related to dental dams, glove formers, chemicals used in the glove industry and automation systems. In addition, these applications can improve production efficiency and enhance product quality.

Background of Top Glove

Top Glove has more than 300 intellectual properties in our nation as well as globally. The company currently has nine R&C centres around Malaysia and Thailand, with each focusing and specializing in various areas of research development.

It is said that these centres collectively employed around 1,000 researchers. These employed researchers are mainly chemists, engineers and scientists. Moreover, the company compromises more than 40 PhD graduates, 100 master’s degree holders, and 700 bachelor’s degree holders.

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Meanwhile, these centres continue to lead ongoing multidisciplinary research to integrate and adapt to the swiftly global market trends. Furthermore, it also aims to create new developments for its lifesaving and high-quality gloves, and other personal protective equipment.

According to MyIPO, the top five Malaysian patent applicants in Malaysia for 2020 are:

  • Mimos Bhd
  • Top Glove International
  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • University of Malaya
  • Petroliam Nasional Bhd


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Top Glove arm is 2nd-highest Malaysian patent applicant

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