Local business: Carousell Malaysia change to e-commerce platform

Local business: Carousell Malaysia change to e-commerce platform

Local business: In the midst of an unpredictable pandemic, Carousell took a hit. The C2C e-commerce marketplace, which generates revenue in many ways.

For example, programmatic advertising, media ads, and their own internal coin system.

Local business: More advertising coming in

Although it was the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, it will not stop the reduction of advertising.

This is because local retailers selling things like furniture and home entertainment systems. This has provided the new essentials item for people now stuck at home.

Local business: Declining of luxury-related transaction

However, the ad spent drop-in fashion and luxury-related transactions categories. Due to everyone on lockdown, nice clothes and accessories are more of an afterthought.

Spike of in house transaction

However, the toys & games, gym equipment, home decorations, and electronics saw a spike. This is because everyone mostly stays at home and feels bored in the house.

The next turn

Covid-19 accelerated everything in the carousel. This increases traffic (daily traffic up 226%) and shifts shopping trends. It is proven that Carousell would need to keep up.

On September 1, Carousell announced another partnership with MDEC to jointly roll-out the Government’s Short-Term Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA) e-commerce initiative called the PENJANA Micro and SMEs (MSMEs) E-commerce Campaign.

The initiative entails free Advertising Credits worth US$24.7 (RM100) for 2,000 micro-sellers and SMEs on Carousell, as well as Buyer Discount Vouchers subsidies by the platform and PENJANA.

Local business: Carousell Malaysia change to e-commerce platform

Pandemic increases the traffic (the daily traffic up 226%) and shifts shopping trends.


Recently, Carousell Malaysia has been able to launch its offerings fast during the pandemic.

The MCO will be the busiest period in Carousell but it’s a good experience for creating a good impact in the market.

As the result, the platform learns to operate under unprecedented circumstances. Essentially, businesses will look into platforms like Carousell to continue operation. At the same time, as observed by the growing traffic.


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In the pandemic, Carousell Malaysia evolved to become an e-commerce platform for the people

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