Latest US news: Melania “counting minutes” to divorce Trump?

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Donald Trump may have only just lost the election but he could be in danger of losing his wife as well, according to Melania Trump’s former aides.

The rumour said that the current first lady of the United States, Melania, and President Trump had a marriage inconsistency and has not dissipated along the way. Besides, Melania is planning to file for a divorce. Now that Trump has lost the election, the British media quickly quoted the news from people close to the two, declaring that the marriage “is over”.  If the news is true, the 74-year-old Trump’s road to re-election will not only lose the election but also lose his wife.

Compared with the frequent actions of the candidate Joe Biden, the current President Donald Trump, who is still unwilling to admit defeat. He is trying to reverse the situation with a legal battle. It’s just that the media broke the news that the Melania, in addition to asking her husband to surrender, is also preparing to file for divorce.


Melania is Trump’s third wife and she is 24 years younger than Trump. After she met and fell in love with Trump at the beginning of the 21st century, she had separated and reunited many times until the two finally got married. Then, she gave birth to the youngest child, Byron, as soon as the news of Trump’s election as President of the United States came out in 2016.

Melania is Trump's third wife

Melania is Trump’s third wife.

It was only 5 months after Trump entered the White House that Melania finally took Byron from the top-floor mansion in New York. After that, she moved into Washington. There are signs that she rejects Trump and resists becoming political in the White House. However, she was only saying that Byron had to finish his studies in New York before he could leave.

Other’s comment

Melania’s former senior fashion consultant Wok off revealed that Melania always shared a different room with Trump even though she had moved into the White House. She said Melania wanted a divorce and also custody of Byron in the post-nuptial agreement. By doing so, she could share part of Trump’s property fairly.

Trump’s former assistant Newman also claimed that the couple’s 15-year marriage had already come to an end. “Melania is already counting down every minute and every second, as long as he resigns, she will be able to divorce”.

Trump’s former assistant Newman

Trump’s former assistant Newman

Trump’s response

In response to rumours, Trump has always insisted that their marriage is harmonious. He also mentioned they have never had any quarrels. Melania did not refute this.

Moreover, Trump had signed a prenuptial agreement with his second wife, Maples. The clause in the sealing agreement stipulated that Maples could not criticize him by publishing any books or in any interviews.



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