Lady Gaga sheds tears of joy after Joe Biden wins presidency

Lady Gaga gets emotional after Joe Biden wins presidency
On November 7 (Saturday), Joe Biden was elected as the 46th President of the United States with Kamala Harris as Vice President. Kamala Harris is making history as the first Black and South Asian American women to be the Vice President of the US.
Following the news, Lady Gaga has shared a series of videos with her millions of followers via Instagram. She began by hoping the nation is all celebrating it. She also hopes that all women in the US realize that there are a real reckoning and a real revolution. “The voices of fellow US citizens who have been oppressed by power are finally heard.”
“I’m just honestly kind of speechless,” she continued while holding back her tears. “This is a very special day. It is all over now where a lot of people have felt like living in aggression and terror before that. Now you can feel at ease.”
The “Rain On Me” singer said Biden and Harris’ victories were good news to the world. She also asked her fans to lead with positivity and love.
“I feel like God just gave a big hug to the world,” she mentioned. “Go home, hug yourself and your families. May we all pull ourselves back together after all this. Stay safe and stay peaceful. It’s needless to gloat in anybody’s face that Joe won.”
She expressed, “There’s no need to be unkind. This is just a time for all of us to heal, this is a time for love and a time for rest. And the people have spoken.”

Lady Gaga pays tribute to Stacey Abrams

According to The New York Times, Stacey helped create a network of organizations that fought voter suppression and inspired approximately 800,000 new voters registration is Georgia state.
Lady Gaga has said thank you to Stacey Abrams and also everybody that voted. All the work that Stacey did in Georgia inspired so many people. She and her team have shown all the authenticity and realness that deserve lots of love and respects from the nation.


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Lady Gaga Gets Emotional After Joe Biden Wins Presidency: “This Is a Very Special Day”


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